January 1980

18th – A year of Art: 1979
25th – Kate Whiteford, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow

February 1980

15th – Anthony Caro, Compass Gallery, Glasgow
22nd – Graven Images

March 1980

14th – What a Waste: review of “Britain and Siberia: 400 years of Links,” St Enoch Exhibition Centre, Glasgow
21st – 3 Shows: Ronald Rae, Compass Gallery, Glasgow: Rustic Image, the Fine Art Society: The French Collection, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow

April 1980

4th – Erwin Piscator and Ian McKeever, the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
18th – Modern British Abstracts, St Enoch Exhibition Centre, Glasgow

May 1980

2nd – West of West: Ancient Monuments in Ireland, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow: Ian Hamilton Finlay: Nature Over Again After Poussin, Collins Exhibition Hall, Glasgow
9th – Sir William Russell Flint, watercolours, the Fine Art Society, Glasgow, and Talbert McLean, Compass Gallery, Glasgow
23rd – Screen Printing: an Exhibition of Screen Prints and How they are Made, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow

June 1980

6th – Whistler, the Hunterian, Glasgow
13th – June Rush
23rd – The Loveliest Night of the Year, People’s Palace, Glasgow
27th – The Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow: opening

July 1980

18th – Artist and Teacher, the Fine Art Society, Glasgow
27th – Hunterian Art Gallery opening, piece in West End News
10th – Watermarks, Eliz Ogilvie & Robert Callender. Fruitmarket, Edinburgh
17th – Glasgow School of Art students, St. Enoch Centre, Glasgow
31st – Albert Dubout, Pompidou Centre, Paris

August 1980

2nd – Monet acquired by National Gallery, Edinburgh from Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow
7th – 3 artists, Henderson Gallery, Edinburgh
8th – Rogier Van der Weyden, Beaume, France, West End News.
13th – Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Royal Academy of Arts, London etc 15th – Masks, Paisley
16th – Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
16th – Eye to Eye, Edinburgh Festival, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
18th – Dovecote Studios, Edinburgh
23rd – Philip Reeves, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh
23rd – Festival Fringe Gallery round up, includes Glasgow Print Studio/Charles Rennie MacIntosh & Fine Art Society, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh
30th – New New Mexico, Fruitmarket, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh (400)
30th – Jack Bush, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh (400)

September 1980

2nd – Patterns, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow (300)
6th – Daguerreotypes, Festival art (400)
6th – Joseph Beuys, Festival art (700)
9th – Neil Lamont, Hillhead Underground, Glasgow (300) 13th – Monet, Giverny, Weekender (800)

15th – Thwaites & Merchant, Compass Gallery, Glasgow (300) 16th – Crawford Arts Centre, St Andrews (500)
17th – Norman Ackroyd, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, (350) 18th – Ivan Polley, Edinburgh (300)

18th – Whistlers at Glasgow University saved
22nd – Glasgow League, Hillhead Underground, Glasgow (200)
22nd – J.D. Kelly Gallery, Glasgow (300)
24th – Lillie Art Gallery, Glasgow (300)
25th – Art of the Mende, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow (400) 25th – New City Art Gallery, Edinburgh (350)
27th – Glasgow Institute, Weekender (600)

October 1980

1st – John Mooney, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh (350)
3rd – Bob Stewart, Edinburgh, Weekender (700)
4th – Whistler paintings saved, Hunterian, Glasgow, Weekender (120) 
7th – Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, Glasgow (300)
7th – Donald Bain, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow (350)
9th – Sisley painting, Hunterian, Glasgow 
8th – André Kertész Scottish Arts Council, Edinburgh (300)
10th – Philip Reeves, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow (300)
10th – Danish exhibition, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (250)
10th – Louise Annand, Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh (300) (14 Oct) 11th 
15th Anne Grebby, Compass Gallery, Glasgow (350) 
15th – Duggie Fields, 57 Gallery, Edinburgh (350)
16th – Walker Evans, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow (300)
17th – Scottish Society of Artists, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. (300)
18th – Robert Stewart, Glasgow School of Art profile, Glasgow
21st – Smith & Schilsky, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh (280)
22nd – Sean Hudson, Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, Edinburgh
22nd – Festival Photos, Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, Edinburgh (275) 
23rd – Barbara Davidson, the Henderson Gallery, Edinburgh (300)
27th – Phillip Meninsky, Lillie Art Gallery, Glasgow (300)
28th – Finnish Glass, St Enoch, Glasgow (300)
29th – 3 artists, Greenock Art Gallery, Greenock (300)
30th – Hillhead Underground Gallery, Glasgow (300)
31st – Wendy Wood, Edinburgh (300) (5 Nov)
J.D. Kelly Gallery, Glasgow (300) Iona pictures, Fine Art Society, London (300)

November 1980

3rd – Chinese artists, Kelvin Gallery, Glasgow (300)  
4th – 4 artists, Lintithgow (300)
6th – Philips, Wilkie, Edinburgh (300)
8th – Australian Prints, Fruitmarket, Edinburgh (300)
10th – 3 artists, the Henderson Gallery, Edinburgh (250)
11th – Lothian Prints, City Art Centre, Edinburgh (300)
12th  John Bellany & John Taylor, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow (300)
16th  Hillhead Underground, Glasgow
17th  Joel Fisher, New 57 Gallery, Edinburgh (350)
17th  Papermaking Conference & Contemporary Paper, Edinburgh (350) 
18th  Patrick Dorrian & Tom McKendrick, Collins Gallery, Glasgow 
19th  Photographs, Compass Gallery, Glasgow (200)
21th  Mackintosh contribution to Focus, Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow, 
24th  Bill Wright, Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, Stirling (200)
25th  Scottish Amicable, Glasgow
25th  David Creegan sculpture, Theatre Royal (200) (25 Nov)
25th Barlinnie Exhibition, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow (350)
27th  Sir W Gillies, McRobert Centre, Stirling (300)
28th Scottish Society of Women Artists, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

December 1980

2 Brian Hall, Edinburgh Commonwealth Institute, Edinburgh (200) (2 Dec)
2nd – 8 artist, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow (350)
4th – John McInnes & Bill Wright, Lillie Art Gallery, Glasgow (200)
5th – Christmas Show, Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh (300) ? 8 Dec
8th- Christmas Show, Compass Gallery, Glasgow (300)
9th – Embroidery Exhibition, St. Enoch’s, Glasgow (300)
10th – Jimmy Cosgrove, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow (300)
15th – Glasgow School of Art postgraduate show, Glasgow (300)
16th – Glasgow Group at the Kelly Gallery, Glasgow (250)
17th – Nanny Mulder mezzotints, Edinburgh (300)
18th  Student Show, New 57 Gallery, Edinburgh (250) 
20th – Fine Arts Society Sitting Exhibition, London
21st – Faed new acquisition, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow 
22nd – Richmond-Traill, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow (350) 
23rd – SAC Christmas Show, FruitMarket Gallery, Edinburgh (280)
27th – A Year of Art 1980, Weekender (500)
30th – Swedish Design, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow (250) 
30th -Scottish Colourists, GMA in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (300) 

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