January 1985

3 January               Perspective piece:Tapestry Pepsi Cola Commission, Frank Stella, Dovecot Tapestry Studios Edinburgh, 180,000 

4 January                              Annie Leibovitz, Stills Gallery Edinburgh

Harvey’s Wine Collection, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow, Peter Blake, Graham Arnold, Howard Hodgkin, David Inshaw (including gallery briefings; Scottish Society of Artists, Collins Gallery Glasgow)

8 January                              Josef Herman Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

11               Third Eye .TVSW + Kosovo prints from Yugolslavia at GPS ; Strathclyde Uni lounge Alma Wolfson & Ann Mendelow 

15                  Tues arts page Steven Campbell 

18 January            Friday    Frank Brangwyn Solo, Fine Art Society Glasgow; International Art Fair London Olympia

19                     Weekender, front page, British Art Show in RSA 

23 January                            Marc Chagall, Royal Academy RA London 

25 January                            Charles Rennie Mackintosh Dorset Sketches, Huntarian Museum Glasgow

Anthony Davies, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh (including gallery briefings; Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr, alan charlton at Grahame Murray; Fine Art Edinburgh, South London Art Gallery, Alan Charlton, Yoko Terauchi 

February 1985

1 February                           Portraits on Paper, Lillie Art Gallery Milngavie

Main Fine Art Glasgow, John Clark, David McLaren. (including gallery briefings; Glasgow Arts Centre; Crawford Centre St Andrews

4 feb  barclay Lennie fine art 

5 February                            (Feature) Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Hayward Gallery London

6 February                            Pete Huby Solo, Glasgow Print Studio

8 February             Fri art column: The People Pictures, Traverse Gallery Edinburgh (including Scottish Art Council Art Bus and The Jean Watson)

12 February                          Paisley Scottish Drawing Competition

14 February          Ian Fleming Solo,  Barclay Lennie Fine Art Glasgow (including gallery briefing; Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh,  James Castle)

15 February                          Design Work 85, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow; GSA; James Castle at Open Eye

18 February                          James Hugonin Solo, Graeme Murray Gallery Edinburgh, Sarah Bray

19 February                          (Feature) Crawford Gallery, St Andrews Festival, Sir David Wilkie Bicentenary Exhibition

20 February                          Reinhard Behrens Solo, Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop

21 February                          Utopia Architecture Exhibition, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

22 February                          John Taylor Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow

25 February                          John Mooney Solo, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

 Henry Nanny ?Mulder Solo, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh

27 February                          New Print Studio Drawings, Glasgow Arts Centre, Brian McGeoch 

March 1985

1 March                 Beyond the Repeatable Image Canadian Printmakers, Glasgow School of Art, JC Heywood, Otis Tamasuskas

5 March                                 Douglas Thomson Solo, Glasgow Print Studios 

7 March                                 Peter Howson Solo, Crawford Arts Centre St Andrews

8 March                                 Artists Abroad, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow, David Roberts, Daniel Alexander

12 March    Per Kirkeby, Fruitmarket. 

13 March                              Jacki Parry Solo, Lillie Art Gallery Milngavie

14 March                              Magee & Keppie, Saltire House Edinburgh, (369) Graeme Magee, James Keppie

15 March                              Rijeka Drawing Biennale, City Art Centre Edinburgh

19 March                              Joan Eardley Solo, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow

20 March                              Lucinda MacKay, Jonathan Gibbs, Scottish Gallery Edinbro. 

21 March                              Alfred Wallis Solo, Mercury  Gallery Edinburgh; Isabel Beresford Solo, JD Kelly Gallery Glasgow

Student Exhibition, Inn on the Green ??? Edinburgh                                  

22 March                              Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Northampton, Huntarian Museum Glasgow

25 March                              Shorelines, Fairmaids House Perth, Gary Anderson, Duncan Macleod

26 March                              Keith McIntyre Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow; Graeme Swanson Solo, Traverse Theatre Glasgow

29 March                              Marysia Donaldson, The Macaulay Gallery Stenton

April 1985

1 April                                    Royal Scottish Academy RSA Students Exhibition, Edinburgh, Andrew Miller, Laura Duffy

2 April                    June Redfern Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow; Bruce McLean, John Moores winner &  at D’offay          

5 April                    Michael McVeigh Solo, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh (including Colin Baxter Solo, Peter Potter Gallery Haddington

8 April                    Sir Robin Philipson Solo, Browse & Derby London

9th         One Mans Choice, Gallery Modern Art,  

11 April                  Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Corners Gallery Glasgow, Shore Gallery Leith, JD Gallery Glasgow, Fairmaids House Perth, John Boyd, Sandie Gardner, Melissa Sarat, Paola Mclure, Ken Southall, John G Boyd

12 April                  Southampton Art Gallery Collection, Collins Gallery Glasgow

                                Andrea Mantegna, Scottish National Galleries

                (Feature) Scottish Arts Council Collection for sale

15 April                  Willi Gilli, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr; Mark Grady Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

16 April  Book Table Project, Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh 

17 Glenn scouller, fine art society; fair maids house, perth; spring crafts, paisley . 

18th Tate in the North Plans Launch, Albert Docks Liverpool, James Stirling, Michael

19 april Munch at City Art Centre Ed. 

23        GSA sculpture competition  

24 April  (Feature) Bruce McLean, Anthony D’Offay Gallery London; FAS North East Trad ; Nain F A Antina Verboom

26 April  James Gibson Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow; Francis Convery Solo, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh

29 April                  Art of Africa, City Art Centre Edinburgh

30 April                  (Feature) Scottish Arts  Council department closures

May 1985

2 May    Thomas Joshua Cooper Solo, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, Graeme Murray Fine Art Edinburgh 

3 May    Friendship Paintings, Goethe Institute Glasgow, George Wyllie, Jens Jensen (including William Baillie Solo, Gallery 10 London, Graham Duward, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh, Adrian Wiszniewski, Paton Gallery London

7 May    (Feature) Mayfest Art Glasgow 1985 Part One, 17 exhibitions. 

10 May  (Feature) Mayfest Art Glasgow 1985 Part Two. 

17 May                  Ian Hughes Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh (including biography and list of works)

17th                        Damian Henry review of ‘Chrysalis’ performance at Mayfest 1985

20 May                  Demarco on Wheels, train, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh, George Donald, Stephen Lawson, Edward Gage, Jonathan Brown (including Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Barbara Balmer)

22 May                  The Pastoral Tradition in East Lothian, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh

24 May                  John Walker Solo, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

27 May                  4 women, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Marion McIntosh, Cynthis Wall, Brenda Lenaghan, Deborah Fladgate; Glasgow School of Art, Douglas Kemp, Geoff Brunell; Sculptors Drawings, Maclurian Art Gallery Ayr, William Crosbie, Ben Nicholson 

28  May            (Feature) Chicago Art Fair, Chicago USA.  

29 May                  Paisley Art Institute, Paisley Art Gallery 

June 1985

3 June                    RA Summer Show, RA Royal Academy London 

4 June                    City Art Centre Edinburgh, Tom McKendrick, Patrick Dorrian (including George Wyllie, Peoples Palace Glasgow)

6 June                    Vera Simons Solo, Main Fine Art Glasgow; John Houston Solo, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh

7 June    Roberto Gonzalez Fernandez Solo, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh

10 June                  Scottish Contemporary Art, Cambridge Clare Hall, Somon North, David Cook, Ken Curry, Edward Summerton, Martin Rayner

11 June  Visual Facts, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, London Canada House Gallery,  Barbara Astman, Anne Ramsden, Paul Wong, Vera Frenkel, Mike Tooby

13 June   Glasgow Group, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Elspeth Lamb, Philip Reeves, 

14 June                  Ian Howard Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow; Robert Paul Solo, Corners Gallery Glasgow

                     18 June             (Feature) Glasgow School of Art, Students seek Farther Horizons .

18 June  Glasgow Girls, at Main Fine Art Glasgow, Sandra Ewing, Christine McArthur; at Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Clare Gordon, Elaine Dick, Ann Beaty

19 June                  George Donald Solo, Glasgow Print Studios

Physical Features, New Print Studio Glasgow, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow, Brian McGeogh 

21 June                  John Gardiner Crawford Solo, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh (including Russell Colombo, Talbot Rice Edinburgh)

24 June  West Coast Artists, Hanover Gallery Edinburgh; William Turnbull, Willie Rodger, William Birdie, Norman Edgar

25 June                  Moira Innes Solo, Collective Gallery Edinburgh (cut)

28 June                  Hamish Fulton Solo, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh (including Barbican London, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Photographers Gallery London, Pradip Malde, Don McAllester

July 1985

2 July                     (Feature) S J Peploe, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

12 July   Directions, Paisley Art Gallery, Barbara Rae, Janet Marshall, Sheena McGregor (including gallery brochure)

15 July                   Mick Rooney Solo, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh; Double Elephant, Barbican Gallery London

23 July                   Landscape into Line, Huntarian Museum Glasgow

                                Summer Exhibition, Corners Gallery Glasgow. Helen Flockhart, Ronnie Nixon, Brian Cairns

26 July                   George Wyllie, Peoples Palace Glasgow

30 July                   FESTIVAL Tribute to Wilkie, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh, Wilkie Collins 

                                Cornice Hat, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Alistair Dickson, Tommy Lydon

August 1985

1 August                 Contemporary Scottish Landscape, City Art Centre Edinburgh, Fraser MacEwan, Allan White

Samuel People, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, 369 

2 August                                Pandora’s Box, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh, Peggie Radford

5 August                 Alan Davie Solo, George Herriot School Edinburgh

Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Eric Huntley, Tony Jolly

6 Aug   Glasgow exhibition,  GPS, glasgow 

9 August                                Maclaurin Gallery Ayr, Ayr Sketch Club, Alison Cairns, Elaine Wilson

10 August                              (FESTIVAL Feature) Joseph Crawhall, Fine Art Society Edinburgh

 American Watercolours from the Carnegie Institute, City Arts Centre Edinburgh

14 August              New Image Glasgow, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Steven Campbell, Ken Currie, Peter Howson, Mario Rossi, Stephen Barclay

17 August              Scaffolding in the Sky, Huntarian Art Gallery Glasgow, Muirihead Bone

                                EDINBRO FESTIVAL Henri Matisse Solo, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

Edinburgh and Dublin, Edinburgh College of Art           

20 August              ED FESTIVAL Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, Komar & Melamid

Andre Derain, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh

23 August              (Festival Feature) Cramond Sculpture Park Edinburgh, Fiona Dean, Fred Bushe, Keith Rand, James King

Edinburgh Book Festival, Stephen Collingbourne, moira innes, frances pelly, Spiegeltent; 

Jazz Queens Hall, Dominic Snyder 

Foksal Artists at Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh, Tomasz Tatakczyk, Beck Balken

                                new 369 Gallery Edinburgh, June Redfern, Christie Cameron

27 August (Feature) Summer Exhibition, Serpentine Gallery, Clare Henry, Art critic turns Judge,, London. 

29 SMC News item 

September 1985

7 September                         (Feature) Yuan Zhong Yi Chinese Terracotta’s at Edinburgh City Art Centre 

9 September                         Bet Low Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow & Jake harvey’s  Hugh McDiarmid Memorial,. 

10 September                       JD Fergusson, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow

11 September                       Pencils of Light, Collins Gallery Glasgow, John Hannavy

12 September                       Kate Downie Solo, Back Room Gallery Edinburgh; George Donald Solo, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

13 September                       Stirling Smith Biennale at Third Eye. 

16 September               The Cloth, Compass Gallery Glasgow (for Visual Aid/Band Aid.)

17 September             Marcus Rees Roberts Solo, Glasgow Print Studios (including, Michael Jeffries, Collective Gallery Edinburgh)

18 September       Richard Hogan, 369 Gallery Edinburgh, Traquair House Peeblesshire, The Earl Haid, Caroline McNairn, Shelia Mullen

19 September       New Generation, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh, Martha Macdonald, Alice Carter, Siobhan McMalosh

20 September                Sylvia von Hartmann, Gladstone’s Land Gallery Edinburgh National Trust for Scotland

23 September                       Sculptors Drawings, Main Fine Art Glasgow, Bill Brotherstone, Jake Harvey

24 September                 Artists Offshore, Fine Art Society Glasgow, Keith Fraser, Dominic Smydes, Sue Jane Taylor

26 September                       Mable Royds Solo, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh

30 September                       Gary Anderson, Corners Gallery Glasgow; William Crozier, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

October 1985

1 October                              (Feature) Hungarian Arts in Glasgow, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, ? Chris Carrell

3 October                              Gwen John Solo, Fine Art Society Edinburgh 

4 October                              Ralph Rumney Solo, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

7 October                              Five Hungarian FESTIVAL Artists, Glasgow Arts Centre

8 October                  Hungarian FESTIVAL Hungarian Artists, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Geza Samu, Imre Bukta, Sandor Pinczehelyi,  Erzsebet Schaar

9 October                                  Adrian Wiesnieski Solo, Nicola Jacobs Gallery London

10 October                            Bella Uitz, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow 

11 October                            Ilka Gedo, Compass Gallery Glasgow

14 October                            Five Hungarian Artists, Glasgow School of Art, El Kazovszkij

15 October                            Glasgow Boys, Fine Art Society Glasgow, EA Walton

17 October                            Royal Glasgow Institute RGI Annual Exhibition, McLellan Galleries

18 October             Glasgow Print Studios, Janos Szirtes, Ihona Keseru, Istram Haraszty (this article was held)

22 October            Scottish Society of Artists ,SSA at RSA Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, Reinhard Dehrens, Helga Chart, James Macdonald

23 October                            Graham Durward Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburg

 25 October           Janos Koss Solo, Collins Gallery Glasgow (including other Hungarian exhibitions at Glasgow Print Studios, People Palace Glasgow)

28               christopher leBrun. 

November 1985

1 November                          Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Donald Shannon, John Bellany, Cath Cardinal 

Janet Patterson Solo, Morley College Gallery Edinburgh

                                                Alberto Morocco Solo, Thackery Gallery London 

4 November                          Glasgow Budapest 1902, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow

5 November                          Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Peter Bourne, Mike O’Donnell, Liz O’Donnell 

Elizabeth Adamson Solo, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh

6 November                          From McTaggart to Eardley, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow, Joan Eardley

7 November                          Modern Primitives, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh, Jerzy Marek

8 November                          Andrew Walker Solo, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

                                                Unique and Original, Glasgow Print Studios

13 November                       (News Feature) Turner Prize won by Howard Hodgkin 

14 November                       Alexander Goudie, French Institute Edinburgh

George Devlin Solo, Corners Gallery Glasgow

15 November                       Peter Standen Solo, Traverse Gallery Edinburgh

 Friends Exhibition, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh

Hoch-Aun Teh Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

18 November                       Homage to Barcelona, Hayward Gallery London 

19 November                       Phil Braham Solo, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Tom Mckenzie

20 November                       Patrick Heron Solo, Caledonia Club Edinburgh (Westbrooks)

22 November                       Metro Gallery Glasgow, Liz Rodgers; John Taylor Solo, Babity Bowster Glasgow

23 November                       Group 81, Hanover Gallery Edinburgh

26 November                       Joseph Farquharson Solo, Fine Art Society Edinburgh

27 November       Five Scottish Artists, Leinster Fine Art London, Jake Harvey, Elizabeth Blackadder, John Bellany William Maclean, Barbara Rae

December 1985

3 December                          James Fullerton Solo, JD Kelly Gallery Glasgow; Lesley Main Solo, Main Fine Art Glasgow

4 December                          Glasgow Society of Women Artists; Lillie Gallery Milngavie

6 December                          City Art Centre Edinburgh, Derek Roberts, Annette Chevallier

9 dec                Smith Biennale at Third Eye 

10 December                        (Feature) June Redfern Solo, National Gallery Edinburgh

                                                Glasgow School of Art MA Degree Show

12 December                        Benson & Hedges Exhibition, Collins Gallery Glasgow, not used, late. 

13 December                        John McLean Solo, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh

16 dec       Alex Gibson portrait by John Houston at SNPG. Ed; Nurenberg artists, Hillhead gal. 

17 December                        Ten Glasgow Artists, Glasgow Arts Centre

18 December                        Matthew Inglis, Collective Gallery Edinburgh ; Ruth Franklin, City Art Centre Edinburgh

19  December       Calton Gallery Edinburgh, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Barclay Lennie Fine Art Glasgow. 3 Xmas shows. 

23 December                        Animals, Burrell Collection Glasgow

24 December         Members Show, Glasgow Print Studios (including Gwyneth Leech, Traverse Gallery Edinburgh) traverse, demarco. 

30 December        After images, City Arts Centre Edinburgh, David Duke Brian Gibb         

31 December                        Richard Tuttle Solo, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, E A Taylor, at Bourne Fine Art

                Review of the Year 1985

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