January                    (for Galleries Magazine) Glasgow 1990 Cultural Capital of Europe

January                    (Herald Obituary) Murray Johnston 

1 January (for Time Out 20/20) Keith McIntyre, Tramway Glasgow

2 January Alison Watt Catalogue essay, Scottish Gallery London

2 January (Herald feature) Highlights of Glasgow 1990

5 January Ilka Gedo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

William Baumeister, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

 Afghan, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow

Who Shot Garbo, Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh

Degas, Burrell Collection Glasgow

12 January               (Herald Friday Feature)  Sandy Guy, Derrick Guild, Stuart Mackenzie,

Tommy Crooks, Barbizon Gallery Glasgow

 Scottish Monotypes, Glasgow Print Studios

Ian McCulloch, concert halls Glasgow mural winner

Roy McInnes, WASPS Gallery Glasgow

Fionna Carlisle, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

Ivor Hitchens, City Art Centre Edinburgh

13 January               (for Time Out 20/20) Glasgow 1990 Cultural Capital of Europe

13 January               (Herald Weekender feature) Degas, Burrell Collection Glasgow. Full page. 

15 January               (Arts Review letter from Scotland) Glasgow 1990

19 January                Tim Stead, Compass Gallery Glasgow

The Other Story, Hayward Gallery London

Fred Bremner , Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh

21 January               (for STV) Scottish Art Debate

22 January               (for Art International) Glasgow 1990

26 January               (for Arts Review) Glasgow 1990, Keith McIntyre

26 January               Reorienting Looking East, Lynne Cooke, Boltanski, Sugimoto, Morimura, at Third Eye Centre Glasgow; Bridget Smith, Goldsmiths London

27 January               (Herald Weekender feature) British Art Show, McLellan Galleries. Full page.  Bruce McLean, Hockney, Boyle Family, Bacon. 

January                    (for Time Out 20/20) Scottish Art Since 1990

2 February               James Morrison, exhibition essay

2 February               (Herald Friday Feature) The Shelter Glasgow 

Keith McIntyre. Tramway Glasgow

Peter Gilmour, David Allen, Transmission Glasgow

Chris Drury, Street Level Glasgow

                 Inigo Jones, Royal Academy London

Alison Watt, BBC TV

5 February               (for Galleries Magazine) Reorientating Looking East, Nicola Jacobs Gallery London

9 February               (Art Review Letter from Scotland) The Shelter Glasgow 

Chris Drury, Street Level Glasgow

                                Reorientating Looking East, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

                                British Art Show, McLellan Galleries

9 February               (Herald Friday Feature) Royal Society of Watercolour Painters, RSW at RSA, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh; Sylvia von Hartmann at Open eye, ed; 

Chris Drury, Street Level Glasgow

Time and Motion, City Art Centre Edinburgh

15 February             Compass essay commission

16 February             (Herald Friday Feature) Five Girls, Cook, Banks, Burr, Kinloch, Cassidy, Compass Gallery Glasgow

The Decade Ahead, Murray Robertson, Renny Tait, McLaren, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

 Michael Roschlau, Glasgow Print Studios

Rita Smith, Gracefield Dumfries

Colquhoun and MacBryde, Barbizon Gallery Glasgow

17 February             (for Time Out 20/20) Stephen Campbell, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

23 February             (Art Review Letter from Scotland) Alison Watt

                                An Lanntair Gallery, Stornoway, Davis Miles, Janey Miles, Steve Dilworth, Edi Thompson

23 February             (Herald Friday Feature)

       Scottish Scenes, Interdec Gallery Glasgow, Ali Abubakar, Maryhill, Glasgow. 

New Members, Glasgow Group Gallery, Jim Tweedie, Rosie Beaton, 

John R. Taylor, Glasgow Art Centre 

 Pam Carter, Barbizon Gallery Glasgow

Frans Hals, Royal Academy London

Rainforest Art, Natural History Museum London

UK North launch, Arts Council London, Peter Palumbo ACGB 

Interaction at Open Circle, Hillhead Library, Alasdair Gray

March                      (for Artline) British Art Show, McLellan Galleries

2 March                   (Herald Friday Feature)  Frances Walker, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh

Pat Semple, Irene Scott, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

Gwen Hardie, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Strathclyde Schools, WASPS Gallery Glasgow

Czech photographers, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

Glasgow School of Art, staff exhibition

3 March                   Glasgow School of Art Fine Art Photography catalogue essay

7 March                   (Herald Feature) Alison Watt

8 March   xxxx        no. xx (Herald Friday Feature) The Living Room, Belhaven Glasgow, Gianni Piacentini

                                Shelia Fell, Maclaurian Gallery Ayr

                                Inquiry Into, 369 Galelry Edinburgh, Lelia Galloway xxx 

9 March                   Kate Whiteford, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow

For A’ That, Lillie Gallery Milngavie

Lesley Main, Main Fine Art Glasgow

Kathryn Kynoch, JD Kelly Gallery Glasgow

9 March                   (Art Review Letter from Scotland) Frances Walker, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh

Pat Semple, Irene Scott, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

Gwen Hardie, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

10 March (Herald Weekender Feature) Steven Campbell, Third Eye Centre Glasgow. Full page

16 March (Herald Friday Feature) Scotland first Venice Biennale

16 Phillip Reeves, Compass gallery; Robin Phillipson, Fine Art Society; Douglas Thomson at GPS; Andrew Smith Kingfisher Gallery Ed;5 Years of Photography in Fine Art at GSA.  . 

18 March (for Time Out 20/20) The Art of the Print, Huntarian Art Gallery Glasgow

                                Calum Colvin, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

23 March (Art Review Letter from Scotland) Scotland first Venice Biennale

March                      Scotland in Venice, essay for 1990 Biennale catalogue

23 March Site/Positions, Christine Borland, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow

The Art of the Print, Huntarian Art Gallery Glasgow 

Roger Palmer, Street Level Glasgow

Scottish Artists Prints, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow, 

26 March (Art Review Letter from Scotland) British Art Show, McLellan Galleries

26 March (Herald news feature) John Bellany £100,000 sale

30  March Scottish Society of Artists, SSA at RSA;  Scottish Society of Watercolour Artists, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

Tracy McKenna, Graeme Murray Gallery Edinburgh

Hoch Aun Teh, Keith Grant, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

31 March (Herald Weekender feature) Mayfest Preview

31 British Art Show, McLellan Galleries, FULL PAGE. 

31 March (Herald Weekender feature) Mayfest WHY so many unpublicised Goodies? CLARE’S MAYFEST COMPLAINT. 

3 April                     David Mach, Tramway Glasgow

8 April                     (for Artline) Glasgow 1990

13 April    French Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Modern Art

                                Road to Meikle Seggie, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh

Bernard Faucon, French Institute Edinburgh

Henry Moore, Pollok Park Glasgow

Kanta Walker, Woodlands Teachers Centre

Menagerie, Glasgow Print Studios

Dependants, Transmission Glasgow

April                        (Art Review) French Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Modern Art

                                Road to Meikle Seggie, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh

Bernard Faucon, French Institute Edinburgh

14 April                   (for Time Out 20/20) Andy Goldsworthy, Leeds

Master Prints from Gemini Artists, Glasgow Print Studios

17 April                    Will Maclean, Runkel Hue Williams London

20 April                   (Herald Friday Feature) Francis Bacon, Barbizon Gallery Glasgow

Norman Ackroyd, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Ashley Cook, David Watt, Paul McGuigan, Caffe Qui Italian Centre Glasgow

Ian Slack, Langside Gallery

Kate Downie, Collins Gallery Glasgow

Alison Harper, Lesley Burr, WASPS Gallery Glasgow

Dominic Snyder, The Shelter Glasgow 

Leonid Anreyex, Street Level Glasgow

Matthew Harris, ASH Gallery Edinburgh 

Silk, Galerie Mirages Edinburgh

Craig Richardson, Christine Borland, Collective Gallery Edinburgh

27 April                   (Herald Friday Feature) Calum Colvin, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh 

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Graeme Murray Edinburgh

 Helen Flockhard, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

 Hogarth Collection, Scottish Puppet Centre

Artists in residence Botanics Glasgow

Robert Callender, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh

27 April                   (Herald Feature) State of gallery closures and funding in Scotland; Glasgow Galleries Group

3 May                      (Arts Review) Mayfest

5 May                      (for Time Out 20/20) Frances Walker, Iona Gallery Kingussie

5 May                      Henry Moore, Pollok Park & Lillie Milngavie

Valerie Pragnell, Victoria Park Fossil Grove Glasgow

Artists in residence, Sibylle Von Halem, Botanic Gardens Glasgow

May                         (Art Review Letter from Scotland) Mayfest

Henry Moore, Pollok Park, Lillie Milngavie

Valerie Pragnell, Victoria Park Fossil Grove Glasgow

5 May                      (Herald Weekender Feature) Pissarro, Burrell Collection Glasgow, full page. 

11 May                    (Herald Friday Feature) Compass Gallery, 21st Birthday, Tramway Glasgow

18 May                    Juloi Gonzalez, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

McGrigor Donald Prize; Andrew Burton at Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow 

sibylle von halem at Joan Hughson gallery

John Bellany, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Peter Howson, Glasgow Print Studio

Tunga, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

29 May                    (Herald Friday Feature) Venice Biennale, David Mach, Kate Whiteford, Arthur Watson

June                         (for Galleries Magazine) Hans Hofmann, Crane Gallery London

8 June                      Marina Abramovic, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Guthrie Awards, Fine Art Society

Sam Ailsley, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

Painting the Forth Bridge centerary;  369 Gallery Edinburgh

9 June                      (for Time Out 20/20) Max Ernst, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

June                         (for Art Review) Scotland at the Venice Biennale

June                         (for Artline) Scotland at the Venice Biennale

13 June                    (Herald Friday Feature) Courtauld Institute Gallery, Dennis Farr, new home, Somerset House London

15 June    Friday,     J. D Fergusson, Fine Art Society Glasgow, Barclay Lennie Glasgow

Gemini, Glasgow Print Studios & GPS at Mary Ryan NYC; 

Jim Tweedie, Graeme Mundy Gallery 

Claire Scullion, Louise Scullion, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Jeanne Socquet, J D Kelly Gallery Glasgow 

Forty Something, Olivia Lloyd, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

22  June                   (catalogue text) The State of Printmaking in Scotland Today, Dumferline District Museum

22 June                    Masters of German Expressionism, William Hardie Gallery

Donald Bain, Cormund Gallery 

Margaret Hunter, Inge Husemann, Carla Fioravanti, Glasgow Art Centre

Baaji Pickard, Marj Bond, Gatehouse Gallery

Ann Oram, Earl Haig, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh and London

Douglas Gray, Edinburgh Printmakers

Heather Nevay, One Princes Square Glasgow

Pinhole Observatory, Wasps Gallery Glasgow

Television Interventions, Third Eye Centre, Channel Four

29 June        Kockoshka, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh; Wols, art of German drawing 1949-89 at GMA, Ed. 

7 july        Joseph Crawhall at the Burrell. Half page. 

16 July                     Robert Combas, Toulouse Lautrec, Albi, France

August                     (for Time Out 20/20)  Julio Gonzalez, Graves Art Gallery Sheffield 

4 August                  (Herald Feature) Edinburgh Festival, Cezane & Poussin, National Gallery Edinburgh

Andy Goldsworthy, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Max Ernst, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

John Houston, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

Caroline McNairn, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

James McBey, Fine Art Society Edinburgh

Scotland’s pictures, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

9 august 

9 August Herald Colour supplement, Edinbro FESTIVAL Cezanne & Poussin, NGS; andy goldsworthy, Botanic Gardens; Max Ernst, Fruitmarket; John Houston, Scottish Gallery; Caroline Mcnairn, 369 Gallery; james McBey, Fine Art Society; Scotland’s Pictures, RSA Ed.  

10 August                (Herald Friday Feature) Edinburgh Festival

Andy Goldsworthy, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh; Cezanne & Poussin, NGS

August                     Cezane & Poussin, National Gallery Edinburgh

15 August                (for Art International) Glasgow 1990

17 August                (Herald Friday Feature) Elizabeth Frink, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Elspeth Lamb, Glasgow Print Studios

Thomas Joshua Cooper, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

Well of Patience, Daniel Reeves, Pearce Institute Govan

Art Angel Civic Monument, George Square Glasgow

 Thomas Annan, Street Level Glasgow

Donald Urquart, Glasgow’s Glasgow

19 August                (for catalogue) Glasgow Group 1958-1990

22 August                Leila Galloway, Tony Cooper, London Street Edinburgh

24 August                (Herald Friday Feature) Max Ernst, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

John Houston, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

Sam Francis, Printmakers Edinburgh

Festival Show, English Speaking Union Edinburgh

Richard Demarco, Jane Macallister, Ash Gallery Edinburgh

Donald Urquhart, Glasgow’s Glasgow; john Houston, Scottish Gallery. 

27 August    Glasgow Girls, 1880-1920, curated by Jude Burkhauser, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

28 August                Saltoun Art Project, Glasgow

3 September             (for Art and Auction USA) Julia Ernst, Ernst Gill Gallery

7 September             (Herald Friday Feature) Glasgow Women’s Festival organised by Women in profile; 

Jennifer Southern, Elsie Mitchell, Kate Russell, Photoworks Dundas Vale Centre

Women’s Own, Assembly Hall, Glasgow School of Art 

Womanhouse, Castlemilk 

Of Women, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow

Doors Open Day, Glasgow

Calum McKay, Street Level Glasgow

Hurd Hatfield as Whistler, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh

7 September             (Art Review Letter from Scotland) Glasgow Girls, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

                                Women’s Own, Assembly Hall, Glasgow School of Art

13 September           (for catalogue) Robert Saunders, Duncan Campbell Fine Art London

14 September           TSWA Glasgow

Bruce McLean, Tramway

                                Stuart Brisley, Govan

                                Emery & Rowbotham, Ionic Colum Caledonia Road

                                Ian Hamilton Finlay, Central Station

21 September           (Herald Friday Feature) Peter Palumbo, Arts Council of Great Britiain

Jack Knox, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

Thomas Lawson, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

Robert Colquhoun, Robert McBriyde, Glasgow Print Studios

Cartier Bresson to Koudelka; The Briggait Glasgow, Pas de Calais FRAC

Spanish Ceramics, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh

21 September           (Art Review Letter from Scotland) Glasgow 1990, Tessa Jackson

28 September           (Herald Friday Feature) Frances Law, Pearce Institute Govan Glasgow

Ken Wolverton, Govan Initiative Glasgow

Tom McKendrick, Collins Gallery Glasgow,

Keith Piper, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

Clive Jachnick, Lillie Gallery Milngavie

Alan Crumlish, Interdec Gallery

Glasgow Mela, Tramway Glasgow

Tony Neylan, Ethel Walker, Gatehouse Gallery

Ailsa Tanner, Rowan Gallery Drymen

 Glasgow Cathedral, Denniston Primary School

October                    (Art Review Letter from Scotland) Glasgow 1990 

5 October                 (Herald Friday Feature) David Nash, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

Glasgow Boys, Glasgow Concert Hall

Imogen Cunningham, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

Living with Sculpture, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow

Glasgow Croup, Glasgow Art Centre, Queens Crescent Glasgow

D. Y. Cameron, Fine Art Society Edinburgh

Mary Rose O’Neill, Linda Farquarson, Edinburgh Printmakers

12 October               Bruce Mclean, Glasgow Print Studios

Royal Glasgow Institute, RGI, McLellan Galleries Glasgow 

19 October                Temperamenti, Tramway, Turin and Glasgow

Whistler in Europe, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow

Andrew Fitzpatrick, Alan Connell, Compass Gallery Glasgow

East comes West, Cormund Gallery Glasgow

26 October               Henry Moore, Gracefield Studios, Jenny Wilson

Hugh Bryden, Gracefield Galleries Dumfries

George Braque, Burns Centre Dumfries, Bryden Gallery Dumfries

William McCance, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

Art from Scottish Prisons, Glasgow School of Art

David Donaldson, Fine Art Society Glasgow

2 November             (Herald Friday Feature) Zadok Ben-David, Collins Gallery Glasgow; GUL portrait; Leipzig revolutionaries at Concert; Wm Crosbie at Ewan Mundy; Rosemary Beaton, Flying Colours, Ed; ceramics, Open Eye. 

3 Nov Saturday weekender. Platform Art, Ed: John Bellany, Alan Davie, Bruce McLean, Adrian Wieszniewski, Edinburgh Haymarket Station

5 November             Is There Life in Museums? by Julian Spalding

9th November          (Herald Friday Feature) Ana Pacheco, Glasgow Print Studios 

Adler and Herman, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Surrealist Tendencies, Hillhead Library Glasgow 

White and McKay Portrait Awards, Burrell Collection Glasgow.

10 November           (Herald Weekender Feature) Van Gogh, Burrell Collection Glasgow. full pg. 

16 November           (Herald Friday Feature) The Berlin Book, Glasgow Print Studios

Berlin Wall Art, Glasgow Concert Hall

Self Conscious State, Douglas Gordon, Christine Borland, Roddy Buchanan, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

David Hosie, Peter Kennard, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

John Mooney, Talbot Rice Edinburgh

23 November           Scotland Creates, curators Murry & Barbara Grigor, McLellan Galleries Glasgow

Vuillard, William Hardie Fine Art

Royal Glasgow Institute, Lillie Gallery Milngavie

Philip Reeves, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

The Scottish Collection, Fine Art Society Glasgow, art at Glasgow Airport. 

28 November           Egon Schiele, Royal Academy London

30 November           Gwyneth Leech, St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral Glasgow

Leonard Rosoman, Fine Art Society Glasgow

Richard Demarco, Edna Whyte, Richard Demarco Gallery Glasgow

Gerard Taylor, Albany Hotel

George Wyylie, Ben Rhodes Gallery London 

Dora Holzhandler, RSAMD Glasgow

December                (for Galleries Magazine) Adrian Wiszniewski, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

2 December             New North, Stephen Campbell, EIlen Lawrence, ian mcCulloch, Ron O’Donnell, Maud Sulter, Tramway Glasgow

7 December             (Herald Friday Feature)  Glasgow 1990 , Street Level Glasgow 

Oscar Marzoroli, Ken Currie, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

Art from the Billiard Room, Henderson’s Edinburgh

Christmas Show, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Robert Heindel, Scottish Ballet, William Hardie Fine Art

Glasgow School of Art, Pavement Art

8 Dec Saturday Glasgow 1990. Rembrandt by Himself at Kelvingrove; Adrian Wiszniewski at Fruitmarket Ed; Howard Hodgkin at GMA, ED. 

11 December           Ian McCulloch, Glasgow Concert Halls, Glasgow Council Pat Lally

13 December           Laurel Bank, Lillie Gallery Milngavie

14 December           (Herald Friday Feature) Jacki Parry, Glasgow Print Studios

Points East Season, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

Dieter Pietsch, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh

Laurel Bank, Lillie Gallery Milngavie

December                (for Galleries Magazine) Elspeth Lamb, Mercury Gallery London

17 December            Points East Season, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

21 December           (Herald Friday Feature) Public Art in Glasgow

                                Dhruva Mistry, Huntarian Art Gallery Glasgow

                                Kathy Chambers, Buchanan Street Glasgow

                                Coming to Hand, Botanic Gardens Glasgow

                                John Clark, Queens Park Synagogue

                                Michael Sandle, Easter Spalding

                                Christmas Show, Glasgow Print Studios

28 December           (Herald Friday Feature) New Scottish Photography, Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh; 

Dennis Mann, Sarah Sumison, Peter Chang, Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow; Charles Oppenheimer at McGill-Duncan Gallery, Castle Douglas; Printed in Scotland Gracefield, Dumfries. Joni Mitchell, Edinburgh City Art Centre. 

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