3 January      (Herald Feature) Clare Henry Oscars of 1990, pg 26 

4th New Scottish Photography, SNPG, (Ron O’donnell) ; craft corousel; Rie & Coper; Treasures of the Holy Land, Kelvingrove, Emma Fordyce Macrae; Wh Hardie Gallery.

January                     (Art Review Letter from Scotland) Glasgow 1990

11 January    The Scottish Lithograph, Glasgow Print Studios

 Turner Watercolours, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh

                        William Jackson, Scottish Gallery London

13/17 January          (Herald news feature) Fruitmarket closure announced

13 January    (for Galleries Magazine) Glasgow 1990

18 January    Rosemary Beaton, Art from Billiard Room Glasgow

Wishful Thinking, Jacqueline Donachie, Karen Vaughn, Transmission Gallery Glasgow 

Rogelio Lopez Cuneca, Graeme Murray Fine Art Edinburgh

William Fergusson, Torrance Gallery Edinburgh

 Vivien Alexander, Edinburgh City Art Centre

Christine McArthur, Fine Art Society Edinburgh

Steve Buch, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

January         (Art Review Letter from Scotland) New Scottish Photography, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh

            Bert Hardy, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh

            An Economy of Signs, Sunil Gupta, Collins Gallery Glasgow

25 January Feature Bert Hardy, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh

An Economy of Signs, Sunil Gupta, Collins Gallery Glasgow

Jon Schueler, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

Rob Maclaurin, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

Scottish Contemporary Colourists, 90s Gallery Edinburgh

Art 91, London

26 January    (Herald Feature) Stanley Spencer, Barbican Gallery London, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow 

Jock McFadyen, Imperial War Museum London

29 January    Glasgow securing post of Visual Arts Director post Glasgow 1990

February        (Art Review Letter from Scotland) State of galleries in Edinburgh and Director of Visual Arts Glasgow Post 

1 February     Printmaking & Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art

Barclays Young Artists Award, Serpentine London

Raymond Moore, Street Level Glasgow

Gary Winogrand, Hayward Gallery London

Hugh Collins, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

New talent, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

Andrew Walker, 369 Gallery London.

8 February     Royal Society of Watercolour RSW Artists, RSA Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

Sir William Gillies, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

Louise Johnstone, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

Bernie, Lawson & Milne, Edinburgh Printmaker

 Van Gogh to Picasso, National Gallery, London

Tessa Jackson leaves for Arnolfini

15 February  (Herald Feature) Julian Spalding, acquisition for new Art for Kelvingrove

22 February  Kate Whiteford, Crawford Centre St. Andrews

 June Redfern, Compass Gallery Glasgow

                        Peter Howson, Flowers East London

                        Henry Rogers, Anna Bornholt Gallery London

                        Graeme Todd, Gruzelier Contemporary Art London

1 March                      (Herald Friday Feature) Liz Rideal, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh

Drawing Biennial, Paisley Art Gallery

Leslie Hunter, John Bryne, William Hardie Fine Art Glasgow

Adrian Wisznieswki, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

WASPS and CALA, Edinburgh College of Art

8 March The Living Room, Belhaven Terrace; Inquiry Into, 369 gallery Ed; Sheila fell & Wendy Bibby, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr; Joseph Urie, GPS.

 15 March      Fine Art Photography Department, Glasgow School of Art

Ross Sinclair, Stills Edinburgh

Living Room, Claire Barclay, Charlotte Moerker, Alfio Bonanno, Belhaven Terrace

Alan Johnston, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

Penny Roberts, Criag Wood, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

Tingaud Portraits of Chefs, French Institute Edinburgh

Alex Gardner, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow

18/22 March   Peacock Printmakers, Gulacy Gallery Budapest, Scottish artists at Hungarian Art Academy

29 March       John Taylor, Glasgow Print Studios

Christine Ironside, Barclay Lennie Fine Art Glasgow

Prints in Progress, Art from the Billiard Room

Jock Macfadyen, William Jackson Gallery London

Jacki Parry, Glasgow School of Art

Paul Fleming, Compass Gallery Glasgow

National Art Collection Fund Awards, Kate Whiteford, David Mach, Arthur Watson

Tribal Shiels, Knoedler Gallery London

30 March        Open letter to SAC director regarding 369 Gallery Edinburgh closure

April                (Art Review) Budapest and Romania, Scottish artists, Merylin Smith

5 April             Andre Derain, National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

Without Reality, Graeme Murray Fine Art Glasgow

Geoff Macewan, Edinburgh Printmakers

Japanese woodcuts, David Evans, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

Photography, Gracefeild Gallery Dumfries

12 April                      Susan Hiller, Third Eye Centre Glasgow#

Joe Fan, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Quidenham Artists, Eyre Hall Glasgow

Interactive Earth, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

Photography, Gracefeild Gallery Dumfries, .  

19 April                      Margaret Morris, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow

Tommy Lydon, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

Andrea Tana, William Hardie Gallery

Buhrle Collection, Royal Academy London

21/23 April                 Wasps closure rumours, Tom Laurie, Linda Galbraith

26 April                      Stanley Spencer, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

Andrew Cross, 90s Gallery Glasgow

Stephen Boyd, Lawrence North, Hillhead Library Glasgow

Masson, Miro and Picasso, Anna Bornholt Gallery London

30 april  Perspective piece page 11: Glasgow’s visual arts ship in danger if hitting the rocks. 

May                 (for catalogue) Gatehouse Gallery, David Toner

May                 (Art Review) Edinburgh Problems and Glasgow Mayfest Promise

May                 (for Artline) Scottish Art in Crisis Edinburgh, Union of Art Workers, Scottish Arts Council

may 2    MAYFEST, general art piece. 

3 May             (Herald Friday Feature) Bid for 1996 Art Capital 

Lesley banks, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Lesley Main, Main Fine Art Glasgow

Terry Brodie-Smith Collection, Edinburgh; 

 3 May           RSA You’ll have had yr tea. 

4 May             (for catalogue) Elspeth Lamb

6 May             (Herald Feature, extra. ) Bid for 1996 Art Capital , for Ronnie Anderson. 

7 May             (Museums Journal) Edinburgh Galleries Crisis

10  May                      (Herald Friday column Feature) Bid for 1996 Art Capital 

John Bellany, William Hardie Fine Art Glasgow

George Wyllie, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

David Toner, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow

ASH Gallery 1st Birthday

Jane Dukes, Lorraine Turley, Romania Edinburgh

13 May                       (Herald Feature) Scottish Visual Arts Crisis and Scottish Arts Council

15 May                       (Art Review) Scottish Arts Council Crisis and Art Charter

15 May Herald.   Perspective piece. Arts charter & Scottish Visual arts in Crisis, ACGB strategy for 2000. As a result   questions asked in the House of PT, London, by George Foulkes. On Wednesday. 

20 May                       Notes for BBC, Scottish Arts Crisis

20 May                       (Museums Journal) Edinburgh Galleries Crisis update

17 May                       (Herald Friday Feature) Mayfest.  

       Out of Order, McLellan Galleries Glasgow

Rainer Fetting, Glasgow Print Studio

Jim MacDonald, Cormun Gallery Glasgow

Duncan Shanks, Fine Art Society Glasgow

Matt McCurdy, Collins Gallery Glasgow

Two by Twelve, Hughson Gallery Edinburgh

Joyce Cairns, Talbot Rice Edinburgh 

Matt Inglis, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

David Martin, Kingfisher Gallery Edinburgh

25 May                       Tim Renton/ re politics. 

       JD Fergusson, Barbara Rae, David Waterson, Perth Art Gallery

Frances Walker, Crawford Art centre St Andrews 

Ceramic Tiles, Art from Billiard Room Glasgow

Jane Brettle, Street level Glasgow

Victor Passmore, Serpentine Gallery London

Peter White, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

Jackie Marno, Basils Café 

Jim Powers, Phil Powers, Alan Dunn, Bellgrove station

31 May                       Hong Song Dam, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

French Prints, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow

Peacock Printmakers publications, Aberdeen 

David Waterston, Perth Art Gallery

Hamish Macdonald, Annan Gallery Glasgow 

Richard Wilson, Cindy Sherman, Richard Artschwager, Saatchi Gallery London

May                 (Art Review) Gerard Morris, Agnews Gallery London

June               (Art Review) Rome and London

                        British School in Rome, Nicola Petrie, David Leverett, Sam Crabtree, Christopher Nurse

                        Boyle Family, Will Maclean, Runkel Hue Williams Gallery London

June               (for Galleries Magazine) Boyle Family, Runkel Hue Williams Gallery London

June               (Art Review) Royal College of Art Fine Art Degree Show

1 June  DAVid MACH burns zebra head at RA London, pix page 8. 

7 June                        Mostra Contrappunt, British School in Rome

Janis Kounellis, Peone, Gallerie dell’Oca Rome

Will Maclean, Runkel Hue Williams London

Royal College of Art Fine Art Degree Show 

Elizabeth Blackadder, Mercury Gallery London

Elspeth Lamb, Conservation Management London

369 Gallery Edinburgh saved

7 June                        (Herald news feature) 369 Gallery Edinburgh saved. news page. 

14 June                     Joe Davie, Glasgow Print Studios

Burns Beuys and Beyond, Alan Bold, Maclaurin Ayr 

Boyle Family, Runkel Hue Williams Gallery London

Andrei Puncuh, 143 Old Church St London

Janis Kounellis, Peone, Gallerie dell’Oca Rome

Esdaile Hudson, Harbour Gallery Kirkcudbright

18 June                     (Museums Journal) Third Eye Centre bankruptcy 

21 June                     Dundee Duncan of Jordanstone college of Art Degree Show 

Pringle and Fergusson, Ewan Mundy Fine Art

Bet Low, Frances Walker, Frances Pelly, Fine Art Society Glasgow

Rosemary Beatin, Art from the Billiard Room Glasgow

Glasgow Society of Women Artists, Christies’ Glasgow

28 June                     Kunst Europa, Germany

July     (Art Review) Scottish Gallery Crisis, Third Eye Centre Glasgow bankrupt, 369 Gallery Edinburgh reopening

July                 (Art Review) Kunst Europa, Germany, Victor Sloan, Locky Morris, David Mach, douglas gordon, christine borland. 

5 July (Herald Friday Feature) Glasgow Milestones Sculpture Project, Doug Cocker, Drumchapel Community Organisations Council

Glasgow Airport, British Airways, Glasgow School of Art

BT Young Contemporaries, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

Carol Ann Sutherland, Mercury Gallery London

RA Annual Show, London, + Sackler Galleries, Fauve Landscape, Royal Academy London

Ron O’Donnell, McLellan Galleries Glasgow

10 July                       (Galleries Magazine) Carol Ann Sutherland, Mercury Gallery London

12 July                       Henry Moore, Glenkiln Sculpture, Dumfrieshire, Henry Moore

           Greywalls Garden sculpture Exhibition, Gullane.  

Avant Garden, Royal Botanics Edinburgh

Richard Long, Hamish Fulton, Hayward Gallery, Serpentine Gallery London

July                  (National Art Collections) Glasgow Cultural Capital of Europe 1990 Facts and Figures

July                  (Art Review) Edinburgh Festival, Ian Hamilton Findlay

                        Windfall, Broomlielaw Glasgow

19 July              Windfall, Broomlielaw Glasgow 

Virtue and Vision, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

Channel Four, Art is Dead Long Live Television, Muriel Gray

Temporary Duration, Elise Parre, Gianni Piacentini, Charlotte Moerker, Transmission Gallery Glasgow 

Sibylle von Halem, Karen Forbes, Glasgow Print Studios

Dumfries & Galloway Fine Art Society, Gracefield Dumfries

Eduardo Paolozzi, Edinburgh Leith Walk

24 July              Glasgow Bid for City of Art 1996 

26 July  Friday art –        Pentagonale Plus, Richard Demarco Gallery, Gianni de Michaelis

Eduardo Paolozzi, Edinburgh Leith Walk, Edinburgh Printmakers

                        Lisson Gallery success; Scottish Sculpture Trust

Max Ernst, Ludwig Museum Cologne

Heatheryford Gallery Kinross, Kimberly Pittman 

Craig Wood, Interim Art London

Bruce McLean, William Jackson London

Adrian Wiszniewski, Aberdeen Art Gallery

27 July  Saturday.          Edinburgh Festival, Pentagonale Plus, Richard Demarco Gallery, Gianni de Michaelis

Eduardo Paolozzi, Edinburgh Leith Walk

                        Windfall, Broomlielaw Glasgow

2 August, Friday art: Windfall, Broomlielaw Glasgow, Jens Heise, Sylvie Reynaud, Boris Achour, Claire Barclay, Blan Ryan, Nathan Coley, Julie Roberts

8 August                       (for Herald Edinburgh Festival Colour supplement) Redoute Roses, Royal Botanics Edinburgh

Lesley Main, Malcolm Innes Gallery Edinburgh

Virtue and Vision, National Gallery of Scotland Royal Scottish Academy

Michael Andrews, National Gallery of Modern Art

Saved for Scotland, National Art Collections Fund, National Gallery

Pentagonale Plus, Richard Demarco Gallery, Gianni de Michaelis

Arthur Tress, Portfolio Gallery

The Art of Jewellery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Fruitmarket

Off-Centre, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

Marc Chagall, Edinburgh Printmakers

E.A. Taylor, Forrest McKay Gallery

Edith Simon, Student Centre

James Fullerton, Flying Colours Gallery

Marj Bond, Open Eye Gallery

9 August                       Pentagonale Plus, Richard Demarco Gallery, Gianni de Michaelis

Mary Queen of Scots A Feminist Tradition, Ash Gallery, Helen Flockhart, Annie Cattrell

Arthur Tress, Portfolio Gallery

Virtue and Vision, National Gallery of Scotland Royal Scottish Academy

August              Brian McMaster, Edinburgh Festival Director

Michael Andrews, National Gallery of Modern Art 

12 Aug Ed Festival page 9 Blast against Tim Clifford’s new Nat Gallery of Scottish Art. 

14 August         Virtue and Vision, National Gallery of Scotland Royal Scottish Academy

The Art of Jewellery 1550-1990, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

20 August         Ian Hamilton Finlay, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

21 August         Arthur Tress, Portfolio Gallery

                        Restless Shadows, Edinburgh College of Art

James Giles, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

David Murray Smith, Calton Gallery Edinburgh

Tues 27th Aug: Brian McMaster Ed Festival hopes; National Gallery programming, Virtue & Vision plus Michael Andrews at GMA, annual review and budgets, IHF etc.

Thurs 29th George Wyllie at RSA / held 

September        (Art Review) Third Eye Centre Glasgow insolvency, Glasgow School of Art Director resignation

September        (Art Review) Vuillard, William Hardie Gallery Glasgow, Belinda Thomson

2 September     Edinburgh Festival Round up 

Golden Screens, Royal Museum of Scotland

Zen Hamano and Ryu, Talbot Rice Gallery

Off-Centre, 369 Gallery Edinburgh 

Collective Gallery Members show

Arthur Tress, Portfolio Gallery 

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh 

Redoute Roses, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

The Art of Jewellery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Durer to Picasso, Open Eye Gallery

Marc Chagall, Edinburgh Printmakers 

William Gillies, Bourne Fine Art

E.A. Taylor, Forrest McKay Gallery

Kantor, George Oliver, The Shore Gallery Leith

RSA Sculptors Geo Wyllie; 

Joan Renton, Jack Vettriano, Solstice Gallery 

Meg Walker, The Shore Gallery Leith

Eugenio Carmi, Italian Institute 

Charles Megre, French Institute’ Saved for Scotland at SNG. 

6 September     Ian Hamilton Finlay, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

7 September     (Herald news feature) Resignation of Glasgow School of Art Director John Whiteman

13 September   (Herald feature) John Whiteman interview

13     Friday art column: Scottish Arts Council Bus, Virtual Realities, Susan Christie, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Anthony Gormley, The Boyle Family

Gregg McGee, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Barry Atherton, Stan Bell, Jimmy Cosgrove, Pete Bevan, Glasgow School of Art 

Valerie Pragnell, Collins Gallery Glasgow

Brian Jenkins, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow

Doors Open day

Japanese printmakers, Glasgow Print Studio, Heatheryford Art Gallery Kinross

14 September   (Herald Weekender) Vuillard, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow

18 September   (for Woman’s Page) Vuillard and women

20 September   Magnum Photography, McLellan Galleries Glasgow

Jo Spence, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

Mary Cooper, Iain Stewart, Street Level Glasgow 

Doors Open day

 Annie Cattrell, Project Ability Albion 

21 September   (for Artline) Resignation of Glasgow School of Art Director John Whiteman

September        (for Artline) Third Eye Centre bankruptcy facts and questions

27 September   Percent for Art Scheme, Callendar Park

Falkirk Ithica Estates, Glasgow School of Art, Jim Harvey, Malcolm Jamieson

Glasgow Society of Women Artists, Mitchell Library

Japanese Prints, Barclay Lennie Fine Art

Group 81, JD Kelly Gallery Glasgow

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Scotland Street School

October                        (for Galleries Magazine) William Littlejohn

October                        (Art Review) Percent for Art Scheme, Callendar Park

                        Glasgow Milestones, Jim Buckley

                        Tramway reopening

4 October          Glasgow University Fine Art Department problems

The Nude, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow, Martin Hopkinson

Glasgow Milestones, Jim Buckley

Joyce Cairns, Odette Gilbert Gallery London

11 October        Bill McNamara, Blair Anderson, Compass Gallery Glasgow

Claire Harrigan, Paul Spence, Gatehouse Gallery

Janka Malkowska, Mark Dixon, Ruth Greer, Rob Mulholland, Glasgow Print Studios

Ken Currie, London Riverside, RAAB Gallery

BBC Gaelic animation films

11 oct British Library cuts public art, front page story.

October                        (Art Review) British Library Art Crisis

18 October        (Art Review) Anthony Caro, Tate Gallery London

18 October        (Herald Friday Feature) Scots in London

Japan and Britain 1850-1930, Barbican Centre London 

Callum Innes, Frith Street Gallery London

Henry Kondracki, William Jackson Gallery Cork Street

Jock McFadyen, Imperial War Museum London

George Devlin, Portland Gallery London

Barry Atherton, New Academy Gallery London

Crawford Adamson, Jill George Gallery

James Giles, Fine Art Society

William Turnbull, Waddintons Gallery

369 Gallery Edinburgh, Moscow Art Fair

October                        (for Museums Journal) Third Eye Centre Closure

October                        (for Portfolio) Kunst Europa

25 October        Scottish Society of Artists 100th Birthday, Royal Scottish Society of Artists

Frances Pelly, Glasgow Concert Hall

Anthony Caro, Tate Gallery London

Scottish Haiku, Gill Tyson, W & J Burness Edinburgh

Cathy Wilkes, Transmission Gallery Glasgow 

Gavin Snape, Annette Edgar, 369 Gallery Edinburgh

Ian Howard, Fine Art Society Edinburgh

Harry Magee, Glasgow Print Studios

Brenda Lenaghan, Duncan Campbell London

28 October        David Mach, London Euston Station

November         (for World of Interiors) Vuillard

1 November      (Herald Fridays Feature) John Halliday, Kirkcudbright Town Hall

Margot Sandeman, Lillie Gallery Milngavie

Elspeth Harrigan, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

Garnet Hill new park Glasgow

 Ian Howard, Fine Art Society Edinburgh

Brenda Lenaghan, Duncan Campbell London

4 Monday  November    Points East, New Beginnings Season Glasgow, uncertain funding

6 Nov Palumbo & Festival of Britain 2001. 

8 November      (Herald Friday Feature) Ashley Cook, Glasgow Print Studios

John Keane, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

Pop Art, Royal Academy London

Will Maclean, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh

John Kene, Imperial War Museum

Bruce McLean, Berkeley Square  Gallery London

Great Print Show. East West Portobello London

12 November    Tramway reopening, Neil Wallace

                        Anthony Caro, Tony Cragg planned exhibition

15 November    (Herald Friday Feature) David Mach, London Euston Station 

Walk On, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

Fred Crayk, Talbot Rice Edinburgh

Lee Freieddlander, Portfolio Edinburgh

Glasgow Group, Lodz Poland

18 November    Monday (Herald Perspective) Glasgow 1996 UK Capital of Visual Arts bid

22 November    (Herald Friday Feature) Peter Howson, Flowers Gallery London

 Japan Festival Visions of Japan, Victoria and Albert Museum London

Akira Kurosaki, Glasgow School of Art

Hokusai, Royal Academy London

Shike Munakata, Hayward Gallery London

Yuji Takeoka, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

Jila Peacock, Holland Gallery London

Tate Turner Prize. Gulliver Award Ed. 

25 November    Monday Royal Glasgow Institute exhibition, Mclellan Galleries,  Colour

29 November    (Herald feature) Fruitmarket ‘scandal’ over management

November         (for catalogue) Chelsea Arts Club Centenary 

29 November    Scottish Artists and Artists Craftmen, SAAC, Royal Scottish Academy

Ian Fleming, Fine Art Society Edinburgh, CAS Rodney Thomas at 90; Deakins & Francis Farmer at Bill Hardie Fine Art; 

Bulgarian Artists, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh; Hock Aun Teh at Wasps, Kate Whiteford at Frith London; Colin Prior at Scotland St; 

December         (Art Review) Post Boxes, An Lanntair Gallery Stornaway, Steve Dilworth, Louise Scullion, Ian Brady

4 December      (Art Review) Joe Fan, Jenny Thompson, Sue Rankin Gallery 

6 December      (Herald News Feature) Glasgow Museums Tour 

6 December      Ken Currie, Talbot Rice Edinburgh

Michiko Kon, Portfolio Edinbrugh

Glasgow Group, Lillie Gallery Milngavie; Glasgow Group, Queens Crescent Glasgow

Bulgarian Artists, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh

Derek McGuire, Salvesen Scholarship, RSA

                        Lawrence Weiner, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

8 December      Peter Howson, Flowers Gallery London

13 December    Keith McIntyre, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

                        John Clarks, Window Memorial Lockerbie

Brenda Lenaghan, Carl Pinder, William Hardie Gallery

Claire Lynch, Glasgow Style Gallery

Lesley Main, Main Fine Art Gallery

Other Frontiers, Canada House London, Third Eye Centre Glasgow

The Queen’s Pictures, National Gallery Edinburgh

20 December    Maureen Binnie, Fine Art Society Glasgow

Robbie Duff-Scott, Artbank Gallery Glasgow  

Lawrence Weiner, Transmission Gallery Glasgow 

Post Boxes, An Lanntair Gallery Stornaway, Steve Dilworth, Louise Scullion, Ian Brady; Toulouse Lautrec, Hayward Gallery London

22 December    Clare Henry Oscars 1991

23 December, monday, (Herald Feature) Percent for Art Arts Council of Great Britain, George Kerevan. EC summit meeting ED. 

24 December    Glasgow International, feasibility study, public art strategy 

Glasgow Garden Festival, Italian Centre, Alex Stoddart, Milestones. 

1992  Jan 3rd Clare Henry Oscars 1991

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