5/7 Jan             Highlights for 1993

8 Jan                Clare Henry Oscars

9th Sat. Glasgow art galleries; Dear green Place; Geo Wyllie bike; Haggs castle; Boudin at the Burrell. 

15 Jan  Fuse, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Patricia Fleming, Edinburgh Scottish Gallery new home, Manet, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Steve Dilworth, CCA Glasgow; Scottish National Gallery, Turner

16 Jan              Tolbooth opening, Kirkcudbright; Dumfries permanent collection, Gracefield. 

20 Jan              Royal Scottish Academy building Edinburgh and NHS

22 Jan  Glasgow School of Art Friday Events, Stuart Brisley; Glasgow School of Art White Room, Matt Locke, Anna Milsom, Niches project, Edinburgh Sculpture Studios, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, Diploma Collection, European Art Inc., Edinburgh City Arts Centre, Paula Rego, Marlborough London

23 Jan              Alan Dunn, Kilmarnock Dick Institute

29 Jan  Niki de St Phalle, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Through Women’s Eyes, Edinburgh City Arts Centr

30 Jan  Hokusai Japanese print, Clive & Elf Sutton Glasgow

5 Feb    American Silkscreen, Hunterian Glasgow; Post Office children’s competition, Glasgow, Through Women’s Eyes, Edinburgh City Arts Centre, Glasgow School of Art White Room, Phaythe Stiffle; Sickert Royal Academy London, Crafts Association of Applied Arts granted £300,000 by government to Scotland

6 Feb    William McTaggart, Ewan Mundy Fine Art Glasgow

12 Feb  Dave Davies, Glasgow Print Studios; Phil Braham, Compass Gallery Glasgow; Boudin, Burrell Glasgow; Landscape Paintings, Transmission Glasgow; Wee Gems, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow

13 Feb Sat.       Paisley Art Institute drawing competition

18 Feb              Richard Demarco archive

19 Feb  Peter Howson, Flowers East London; A Decade of Fine Art, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Dundee, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Fellow Travellers, An Lanntair Stornaway, BP Young European Collection, Barbican London; Tim Head, Whitechapel London.

20 Feb              Rhonda Smith, Burnside Gallery, Rutherglen. GSA. 

25 Feb              (Art Review) Critics choice for March 1993

26 Feb  John Heartfield, Gallery of Modern Art; FRAC photos, French Institute; Precious Elements Jewellery, The Borders in watercolours, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh; Peacock Printmakers; Demarco, Kingston University. 

3 March                        (World of Interiors) Alan Davie 

4 March                        Torrie Collection Sale, Edinburgh College of Art 

5 March            Friday art. Scottish Art Market opinion,  Glasgow Print Studios funding, James Castle Gallery, Janka Malknowska at GPS; Brian Fojcik, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh; Sam Ainsley, Glasgow School of Art White Room

6 March                        Lesley Burr, Rutherglen Pool, Harbingers Glasgow, Elspeth Gardner

12 March                RSA Student Exhibition, Cross Currents, Portfolio Gallery, John Davies; Glasgow Sculpture Studio opens in Maryhill, Milestone in Woodlands, Shona Kinloch; Europe Imprimata, Peacock Printmakers Aberdeen;  Simon Laurie, Mercury London; Demarco Auction, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

13 March             Galerie Mirages Glasgow, Collective Gallery Edinburgh, Alastair Wallace

19 March           Raphael, National Gallery of Scotland, Holkham Hall Old Master Drawings; Alison Watt, Flowers East London;  Yvonne Hawker, Redfern London; Wu-ping at J.D. Kelly Gallery Glasgow

20 March               Pat Douthwaite, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Gertrude Hermes, Cyril Gerber Fine Art Glasgow, Norman Edgar, Barclay Lennie Fine Art Glasgow,  American pluralism, Glasgow School of Art.

26 March                Dave Mach, Warsaw Castle Ujazdowski, Mackintosh and the Vorticists, Fine Art Soc London, Shona Barr, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow

27 March                    Henri Matisse, Centre George Pompidou Paris; D’Orsay 1893 exh.  

27 March           (Herald That’s My Weakness series on food) Alison Watt

March               (for catalogue) The First 21 years, Glasgow Print Studios by Clare Henry.

March               (for Arts Review) Glasgow School of Art Masters Programme

April                 (Herald My First Picture series) Arnold Clark 

7 April               (for Galleries Magazine) Profile on Julian Spalding

9 April     Tracy Mackenna, CCA Glasgow; Murray Robertson, Glasgow Print Studios, Leon Morrocco, Portland Gallery London, British Watercolour, Royal Academy London. 

16 April                         Paxton House Picture Gallery, James MacDonald, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh; Collective; Transmissions. 

17 April             Hill House Helensburgh;  Rowan Gallery 

19 April             Elizabeth Frink Obituary

20 April             Peter Howson, Official war artist Bosnia

23 April        Jean Lurcat, Burrell Glasgow, The Daily Planet, Transmission Glasgow; Sandy Guy, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

24 April             John Halliday, Castle Douglas Gallery, McGill Duncan Gallery Castle Douglas. 

27 April             Venice Biennale 1993, Christine Borland, Julie Roberts

30 April       MAYFEST, Glasgow Print Studios 21st Birthday, McLellan Galleries Glasgow;  Elizabeth Blackadder, Glasgow Print Studios; Douglas Gordon, Psycho, Tramway Glasgow; Ken Currie, Tramway; Tim Stead, Edinburgh Botanics, RSA Royal Scottish Academy Annual, Kate Whiteford, Richard Akerman. 

May                  (for catalogue) Neil Macpherson, Boundary Gallery London

1 May       Weekender:  Glasgow Print Studios 21st Birthday

4 May         for Arts Review GSA ; Transmission. 

7 May      Mayfest, Glasgow Museums, Pure Fiction, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow, Nathan Coley, Ross Sinclair, Alexandria Gardner, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow, Georgia O’Keeffe, Hayward London

5 May               (book review) Nell Hardies Book of Flowers 

8 May               Best of Mayfest 1993: 8 exhs. 

14 May   William Crosbie, Ewan Mundy Fine Art, Coalition, CCA Glasgow, Jim Tweedie, Compass Gallery Glasgow, George Donald, sandy guy, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

15               Three flower painters at Wm Hardie Gallery, Glasgow 

19 May    Opinion Piece on Julian Spalding. 

21 May    Calum Colvin, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh, Joe Urie, Barclay Lennie Fine Art, Jemima Blackburn, Collins Glasgow, Gay Grossart, Kingfisher Edinburgh. 

22 May             Jila Peacock, Hughson Gal Glasgow,  Jilli Blackwood, ArtBank Glasgow

22 May             David Hockney, William Hardie Gallery Glasgow 

28 May       Recent British Sculpture from ACGB collection, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Linda Atherton, Cockburn Edinburgh, Margaret Hunter, Talbot Rice Edinburgh, Wolf Vostell, Transmission Glasgow

29 May             Christine McArthur, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh 

3 June              Patricia Leighton, M8  Art Project, Scottish Office 

4 June         FoTOfeis Scottish International Festival of photography, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Stirling Smith Gallery, Robert Hamilton, Govan Pierce Institute, Patricia Macdonald, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow; National Artists Association Conference, CCA Glasgow, Vasile Toch, RIAS Edinburgh, Seven Up, Edinburgh Printmakers

12 June      The Big Works, Glasgow School of Art, Joan Renton Edinburgh Gallery; Westgate Gallery North Berwick

16 June             Venice Biennale 1993, Christine Borland, Julie Roberts

19 June             Borderlands, Street Level, Cottiers Glasgow

24 June             David Hockney, William Hardie Gallery Glasgow  

26 June                         Singapore-Scotland Cultural Programme, Strathclyde Arts Centre; mixed show, Intermedia Gallery. 

30 June                         Angus Grossart, National Gallery of Scotland

2 July               Eduardo Paolozzi, Royal Bank of Scotland. 

3 July               Main Fine Art Glasgow 

9 July               Peter Howson, McLellan Galleries Glasgow

July                              Marquis of Bute, John Bute, Obituary + Dovecot 

10 July                          Soroptimists, 90s Gallery Glasgow 

16 July              Russian painting of the Avant Garde 1906-24, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

17 July              Springburn Milestones, Sibyl von Halem 

23 July         Smith Art Gallery Stirling, Outlook, Wasps Gallery Glasgow,; Sex & Matisse, Adrian Wiszniewski, Glasgow Print Studios, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow 

24 July              St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art , aboriginal paintings. 

28 July              Dovecot Tapestry Company, John Bute, British Library London

31 July              Earl Haig, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

6 August                       Hans Holbein, National Gallery of Scotland; Trasna, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Collective, Edinbro. 

7 August                       Buckingham Palace opens to the public, Glasgow Print Studios

13 August         Phoebe Traquair, Scottish National Portrait Gallery; The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace; Ilya Kabakov, CCA Glasgow.

14 August         Edinburgh Festival Clare Henry’s Top Ten, Russian at GMA; Phoebe Traquair, Hans Holbein, Steven Campbell, Talbot Rice, Tim Stead, Jack Knox, Gerald Laing, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, David Hockney, Edinburgh Printmakers

14 August         Gerald Laing, Fruitmarket Edinburgh

                Adam & Company Awards Edinburgh

        Beachcombers, Nancy Smillie Glasgow

21 August         John Clark, Paisley Cathedral, Queens Park Synagogue 

21 August         5 Red Herrings, Forrest McKay Edinburgh;art fair, ed.  

24 August         Angels Over Ukraine, Mansfield Place Church Edinburgh. 

27 August         Steve Campbell, Talbot Rice Edinburgh.

28 August         Flower of Scotland, Calton Gallery Edinburgh

September        (for Galleries Magazine) Gerrard Morris, Agnews Gallery

3 September     Richard Demarco, St Mary’s School, Sarajevo

Edinburgh School, Scottish Gallery

Jack Knox, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

3 September     Line of Tradition, Royal Scottish Academy 

4 September     David Hockney, Edinburgh Printmakers

6 September     Art Supermarket, Halinka Tyszko, Edinburgh Festival

7 September     Scottish Art in 2000, Martin Kemp Art Charter 2000

10 September   Modigliani, Venice; Joe Fan, Over Seas League London; Scottish Painters, Flowers East London 

11 September   June Carey, Glasgow Print Studios 

13 September    Weekender: Glasgow School of Art Students, Hospitalfields 

15 September    David Mach, M8 Art Project

17 September    Scottish sculpture Open, East Kilbride, Jim Ritchie, Scottish Nuclear Building, Victoria Cassidy Compass Gallery Glasgow

18 September    (Herald new series/ My First Picture series) Anne Mendelow, 

Later / George Kerevan and Angela Wrapson; Donny O’Rourke, alistair kerr invergeg. 

24 September     Hoch Aun Teh, Beijing, Phillip Reeves, Lillie Gallery Milngavie, Craig Mullholland, Scottish Gallery London, Flying Colours London; scots in london. 

September        (for Galleries Magazine News for Antennae) Gerald Morris, Agnews London 

1 October                American Art in the 20th Century, Royal Academy London + Saatchi Gallery London, Female Perspective, Boundary Gallery London, American Prints, Fine Art Society London, Jim Hardie, Collins Gallery Glasgow

8 October         Society of Scottish Artists, SSA at RSA, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, Gerald Morris, Agnews London, Steven Campbell, Marlborough London 

9 October                Royal Glasgow Institute, RGI McLellan Galleries Glasgow 

15 October        Stephen Skrynka, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow,  Jo Ganter, Glasgow Print Studios, Morrocco Family, Rodger Billcliffe Gallery Glasgow, Stones & Samson Gallery Glasgow, Art Exposure Gallery Glasgow, Wonderful Life,  Lisson Gallery London. 

16 October          (Herald My First Picture series) Roddy Martine 

October                         (for catalogue) Claire Harrigan, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow 

Oct                 News for Antennae, Galleries magazine: Tony Jones new rector RCA Royal College London

22 October         Glasgow Group, 5×5, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow; Jake Harvey, Talbot Rice Edinburgh, James Hugonin, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Glasgow School of Art, Alberto Morocco, Edinburgh City Art Centre,  David Hockney, William Hardie Gallery Glasgow 

23 October        (Herald My First Picture series) John and Tina McGee

29 October        Politics Glasgow art scene; Cathy de Monchaux, Anne Elliot, CCA Glasgow; Itself, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Donald MacLeod, Compass Gallery Glasgow; art forum at CCA. 

30 October        (Herald My First Picture series) Alistair Kerr

5 November      Morrison Portrait Awards, Royal Scottish Academy, John Houston, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Lucien Freud, Whitechapel London

6 November       (Herald My First Picture series) Paul Dowds

12 November     Andrew Sneddon, Glasgow Print Studios, British School at Rome; Max Jourdan, Gerry Baptist, Nancy Smillie Gallery Glasgow, group show, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow. 

19 November    Drawings from the Getty Museum, Royal Academy London; Shadow of the Forest, Scottish National Gallery; Ian Howard, EastWest Gallery London, Renny Tait, Flowers London, Anne Elliot,  CCA Glasgow, The Four Annes, Barclay Lennie Fine Art Glasgow, Claire Harrigan, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow  

20 November     (Herald My First Picture series) Jimmy Macgregor

24 November     Ken Currie, Berlin, Scottish Artists in London, Rob Maclaurin, Benjamin Rhodes Gallery London.

26 November     Turner Prize won by Rachel Whiteread, Portfolio Gallery, Ed + Helen Chadwick wins Prudential award, The Portrait Now, National Portrait Gallery London.

26 November    The Four Annes, Barclay Lennie Fine Art Glasgow

27 November    (Herald My First Picture series) Robert Maclellan MP

November         (for Art Review) Christmas Art under £1000

November         (for Art Review) Best and Worst of 1993

3 December      National Gallery of Scotland Art politics, John McEwan book Glenkiln; Scottish Nuclear shona kinloch and public sculptre, Fuse Glasgow, Iain Kettles, The Four Annes, Barclay Lennie Fine Art Glasgow Transmission 10th Birthday on the Late Show BBC 2. 

December   .

4th Weekender: Patricia Leighton, M8 Art Project

4th weekender: my first pix series  Paul Henderson. 

10 December      1999 British Year of Architecture and Design Glasgow shortlisted, Terry Farrell design for Scottish Gallery, Glasgow School of Art; Degas, Burrell Glasgow; Moira Scott, Royal Scottish Academy; SSA at RSA: Peter Howson, Flowers London, Gary Anderson, Edinburgh

11 December      (Herald My First Picture series) John and Mary McNeil

17 December    Terry Farrell design for Scottish Gallery, Glasgow School of Art , John Gardiner Crawford, William Hardie Fine Art. Yeild,  Intermedia Gallery Glasgow

24 December      100 years of Christmas Cards, Victoria and Albert Museum London, Helen Flockhart, Hossack London, Ben Nicholson, Tate London, Sol Lewitt, Fruitmarket Edinburgh.

24 December    (Herald My First Picture series) John Rae 

29 December    Oscars, Highlights and Low points 1993 

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