4 January                  Weekender Art Guide) Under the Influence, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Archibald Knox, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow

6 January                  George Devlin, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

11 January        Weekender Art Guide) Woven Image, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Calanais, Maclaurin Art Gallery Ayr, Sunil Gupta, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh, Looking at Wonderland, Scotland Street School Glasgow. 

12 January        (for Galleries Magazine) Sir William Burrell’s will, Glasgow City Council

12 January        (for International homes Magazines) Drew Plunkett flat

16 January        Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colour Annual, + Clare Henry choice for 3 walls, Edinburgh

18 January        Weekender Art Guide) Art Now, Gracefield Arts Centre Dumfries, Julie Roberts, Talbot Rice Edinburgh, Shroud, Collins Gallery Glasgow

18 January        Book review, Wood by Andy Goldsworthy 

January             (for Chelsea Arts Club magazine) The First Time, Robert Alexander 

22 January        Boor review, Sporting Relations by Roger McGough

23 January        George Braque, Royal Academy London 

25 January        Weekender Art Guide)  Ower Yer Heids, Gray’s School of Art Aberdeen, Hockney, East Kilbride Art Centre, Running Time, Collective Gallery Edinburgh, In Close, Java Comics Glasgow

January             (for AN Newsletter) Animal The Lost Ark; CCA Glasgow, Francis McKee. 

30 January         Animal The Lost Ark, CCA Glasgow, Francis McKee, charles esche. 

1 February         Weekender Art Guide) Beauty and The Banknote, Aberdeen, Stephen Mangan, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

8  feb              hit list 

13 February       Burrell Collection Row Glasgow City Council

15 February       Art Fair 97, Islington London; Transmission

15 January        Weekender Art Guide) Needle’s Excellence, James Dun House Aberdeen, Alan Davie, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Lovers Lane, Nancy Smillie Gallery Glasgow

16 February       (for catalogue) Robert Saunders 

16 February       Book review, Inventing the Modern Artist, by Sarah Burns

19 ? February    Julie Roberts profile 

20 February       Alan Davie profile 

20 February       Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Metropolitan Museum New York  

24 February       (for catalogue) Philip Hughes, Francis Kyle Gallery

22 February        Weekender Art Guide) Music 199, City Art Centre Edinburgh, Glasgow Boys and Girls, Mundy Fine Art Glasgow, Joy Joy, Transmission Gallery Glasgow 

25  Feb.       Glasgow Museums: Burrell & cuts, Spalding etc. 

27 February       Exhs: Norway, Art & Architecture 

1 march         art hits 

2 March                        Book review, Impressionist Women by Edward Lucie Smith  

3 March                        Kelvingrove redevelopment, Julian Spalding  

3                   AN Newsletter: The Last Ark at CCA. 

8 March                        Book review, Mackintosh Style by Elizabeth Wilhide 

8 March                   Weekender Art Guide) Silver, Aberdeen Art Gallery, David Nash, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Scape, Art Exposure Glasgow

11 March                  Arran Ross, Fergusson Award Winner Perth 

13 March                  Scots in London, William Gear, Helen Flockhart, Steven Campbell, Alison Harper

15                  Weekender: hits

20 March                  Monet, National Gallery London

22 March                  for Financial Times) Glasgow A City of Culture with Problems 

23 March                  Weekender Art Guide) Helen Denerly, Rubislaw House Aberdeen, Glen Schouller, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Propositions, Glasgow School of Art

24 March                   Proposition, Glasgow School of Art; Hannah Collins, CCA Glasgow; Irwin, Tramway Glasgow

2 April               (for Art Newspaper) Glasgow Museums row and funding

3 April               Van Gogh, Magritte, Palazzo Grassi Venice

3 HITS. 

4 April               (for catalogue) Marj Bond, Thackary Gallery London

5 April           Weekender Art Guide) Birds Beast and Fruits, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Claes Oldenburg, Maclurin Gallery Ayr, Equation, Demarco Foundation Edinburgh

7 April               Book review, Gauguin’s Skirt by Stephen F Eisenman

10 April        George Grosz, Royal Academy London; Irwin, Tramway Glasgow, Bill McArthur, King Street Glasgow

12 April             Book review, Gaudier-Brzeska by Evelyn Silber and David Fin;

12 April        Weekender Art Guide) Primavera, Courtyard Gallery Crail, About Vision, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, Steven Campbell, Hardie Gallery Glasgow

17 April             Lord Provost’s Prize Glasgow: winner Lesley Banks 

19                  Weekender: hits 

21 April             Book review, Francis Bacon by Chrisophe Domino 

April                        Picture of the week, SERIES; Lady Taking Tea, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow

24 April             RSA annual, Edinburgh

26 April        Weekender Art Guide) RSA annual, Edinburgh, Kirsty Wither, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow, Nicolas Floch, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

1 May               Rolling Devolution, Crawford Centre St Andrews

3 May          Weekender Art Guide) Palette of colours, Strathearn Gallery Crieff, Mayfest, Gallowgate Studios, Margot Sandeman, The Loft Glasgow, Calum Colvin, St John’s Hospital Livingston

3 letter            re complaints re my review of a book on Peter Howson 

8 May               A Patch of their Own, Compass Gallery Glasgow; East Campbell Street, G. 

8 May               (for catalogue) Contemporary Scottish Art, Albermarle Gallery London

10 May             (Picture of the Week) Portrait of Durany,  Degas, The Burrell Collection Glasgow 

10 May         Weekender Art Guide) Pam Carter, Galelry Heinzel Aberdeen, Mhairi McGregor, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Roman Singer, CCA Glasgow

12 May             (for catalogue) Sunil Gawde, Glasgow School of Art, + ARKS Gallery London

15 May             MAYFEST, Ursula Keller, Jerome Gallery G; Venue Flower Basket, Rosie Beaton, Fiona Robertson, Jess Quinn; Margot Sandeman, the Loft, G; Wasps G. 

17 May        Weekender Art Guide) Tom McKendrick, McMaster Gallery Dundee, Dorothy Stirling, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh 

17 May             Bruce McLean profile 

17 May             (Picture of the Week) Tay Bridge by James McIntosh Patrick, Dundee 

17 May             Book review, Hornel, The Life and Work, by Bill Smith 

22 May             Birth of Impressionism, Mclellan Galleries Glasgow 

24 May        Weekender Art Guide) Margaret MacDonald, Aledessan Gallery Campsie Glen, Sophie Macpherson, Glasgow Independent Studios 

24 May             Picture of the week) Holy Family by Raphael, Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh 

25 May        Summer Shows preview, Indian art, Glasgow School of Art, Europe in India, The Burrell Glasgow; CCA Glasgow, Tramway Glasgow, Claire Barclay, Tim Mara, GPS. 

26                  Hits 

29 May        David Hockney, Annely Juda London; Bowie London; Dawson Murray, Nancy Smillie Glasgow; Sandy Gardner, Scottish Galleries Edinburgh, From Bohemia to Brit Pop, Matt Collings 

30 May             for Interiors Home Magazine) Perthshire Minimalist cottage, Gerry Cruickshank 

31 May        Weekender Art Guide) Richard Demarco, ZYW Gallery Edinburgh, Manga Girls, Fringe Gallery Glasgow 

31 May        Picture of the week) Pope I, Study after Velazquez by Francis Bacon, Aberdeen Art Gallery 

31 May        Weekender Art Guide) Ayrshire and Beyond, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr, Sylvia Allen, Torrance Gallery Edinburgh

31  may        Turner in the north, book review. 

3 June              Book Review, Picasso Early Years 1892-1906 by Marilyn McCully

5 June              Mark Sadler, Elin Jakobsdottir, Fiction Gallery Glasgow, Yield, Perth Art Gallery

6 June         Weekender Art Guide) Face of Denmark, National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh, Railings Art, Botanic Gardens Glasgow, Wiles and Crotty, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

7 June              (picture of the week) Blue and White Teapot by Peploe, Kirkcaldy Art Gallery

10 June             Mark Gilbert, winner of Salvesen award 

12 June             Bill Viola, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

14 June             Book review, Contemporary Botanical Artists by Shirley Sherwood

14 June        Weekender Art Guide) Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show, Trio, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow 

14 June             (picture of the week) Mrs Graham by Gainsborough, Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh

18 June             Christine Borland nominated for Tate Turner Prize

19 June             Venice Biennale, Rachael Whiteread 

19 June                         Glasgow School of Art Degree show   

21 June             (picture of the week) Blue Pool by Augustus John, Aberdeen Art Gallery

21                  hits 

25 June             Tim Mara, Glasgow Print Studios 

26 June             Dave Mach, Public Sculpture, Darlington-Stockton railway 

28 June                         (for AN Newsletter) Baltic Flour Mill Gateshead announced

28 June             (picture of the of week) Danu by J D Fergusson, Fergusson Gallery Perth

28 June        Weekender Art Guide) After Image, Danish Gallery Edinburgh, David Palmer, Hughson Gallery Glasgow  

29 June        Book review, Minimalism by David Batchelor 

30 June             Flora and Fauna, Duchess of Hamilton

5 July               (picture of the week) Venus with Cupid by Cranach, The Burrell Glasgow

5 July          Weekender Art Guide) Plan A, Wasps Studios Edinburgh, Signigicant Shadows, Street Level Glasgow 

9 July        Glasgow Lottery failure; Baltic Mills, Tyneside. 

12 July         Weekender Art Guide) What is a Suitcase, Seagate Gallery Dundee, Surrealism and After, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Fly, Duke Street Glasgow 

12 July              (picture of the week) Breton Scene by Maurice Poirson, Stirling Smith Gallery

12/13                  hits 

16 July         The Burrell Glasgow head of conservation quits in protest at mismanagement of Glasgow Museums, Robert Wilmot

17 July        Fuse, Duke Street Glasgow, Patricia Fleming; European Couples, Transmission. G 

17 July              (picture of the week) Train Landscape by Ravilious, Aberdeen Art Gallery

18 July              (for catalogue) Graham Hillier, Francis Kyle London 

19 July         Weekender Art Guide) Fishing and Farming, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Peter Cooper, Red House Croftamie, John Goto, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh

21 July              Book review, Realism by James Malpass 

24 July              Johnny Dumfries, Mount Stuart Art Collection, Bute 

26 July              (picture of the week) Deauville by Boudin, Paisley Art Gallery

26 July          Weekender Art Guide) From the Sea, Peacock Gallery Aberdeen, William Johnstone, House for an Art Lover Glasgow

28 Mon.         Bute & Johnny Dumfries

July                Minimalism by David Batchelor, Tate. 

2 August           (picture of the week) The Rev Robert Walker by Raeburn, Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh 

2 August                       Book review, Renoir Portraits by Colin Bailey

2 August                  Weekender Art Guide) Raeburn, Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh, Richter, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, Dalziel and Scullion, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

7 August                  Edinburgh FESTIVAL, Jackie Donnachie profile, 

7 aug            Collective Gallery, Richter, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh; Dalziel Scullion, GMA. 

9 August                  Weekender ED FESTIVAL, Raeburn; Face of Denmark, SNPG,; John Houston, William Bailie, Fine Art 

9 August                  Weekender Art Guide) Sara Cunninham-Bell, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr, Elizabeth Hobbs, Gracefield Arts Centre Dumfries, Precious Cargo, Edinburgh Royal Museum, Henry Kondracki, Bellevue Gallery Edinburgh, Barbara Rae, Glasgow Print Studios 

9 August                       Raeburn, Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh

9 August                       (picture of the week) Scottish Ballad by Robert Motherwell, Aberdeen Art Gallery

11 August         John Houston, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh; Calum Colvin, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh 

15 August         Book Review, George Houston Natures Limner by Euan Robson

16 August         (picture of the week) Spring flowers by Mary Armour, Lillie Gallery Milngavie

16 August         Weekender Art Guide)  Take 5, Courtyard Gallery Crail, Picasso, Edinburgh Printmakers; Art at the Royal Bank, St Andrews Square Edinburgh; Red, Collective Galelry Edinburgh

August          Danish Cultural Institute

21 August         Tim Mara Obituary 

21 August         Richard Demarco, Peter Fluck, St Mary’s School Edinburgh

22 August         William Baillie, Anne Bevan, Kingfisher Gallery Edinburgh

23 August         (picture of the week) Rev Walker Skating, Scottish National Gallery 

23 August         CD Rom review, Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Wigwam Digital

23 August     Artisan, Edinburgh Conference Centre.  

23 August         Poole harbour Bridge, Fine Art Commission Edinburgh

23 August         Herald Weekender Art Guide) Summer Medley, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Michael Lloyd, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Colourists, Randolph Crescent Edinburgh 

28 August         Sargent Lady Agnew, Scottish National Gallery 

28 August         Scottish Galleries row, Tim Clifford, Julian Spalding 

30 August         Theories of the Decorative, Inverleith House Edinburgh

30 August         (picture of the week) Virgin of the Annunciation, The Burrell Glasgow 

30 August          Weekender Art Guide) Sushiela Jamieson, Dawyck Botanic Garden Peebles, Pissarro in Venezuela, Edinburgh City Art Centre, Alan King, Art Exposure Glasgow; Street Level. G 

30 August         Sunil Gawde, Glasgow School of Art

August              (picture of the week) Ben More from Iona, Peploe, Kirkcaldy Art Gallery 

1 September     (for catalogue) George Devlin, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow  

1 September     (picture of the week) Last of the Clan by Thomas Faed, Kelvingrove Art Gallery Glasgow

4 September     Barbara Rae, Glasgow Print Studios

6 September     Weekender Art Guide) George Wyllie, Gracefield Arts Centre Dumfries; Beatrice Whistler, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow

6 September  picture of the week) Sheba by Eric Robertson, Stirling Smith Gallery.  

8 September  Princes Diana’s death, Kensington Palace etc

13 September   (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Janice Gray, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Michael Windle, Collective Gallery Edinburgh

15 September   (for Sculpture Magazine) Sandy Stoddart 

16 September   Sensation, Royal Academy London, Saatchi Collection

18 SeptemberGerman art in Gropius Bau, Berlin and Palazzo Grassi, Venice

18 September   Book review,  A Feast for the Eyes by National Gallery

20 September   Weekender Art Guide) Robery McAulay, Gallery Heinzel Aberdeen, Simon Starling, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Shona Young, Jerome Gallery Glasgow

20 September   (picture of the week) Boy on a Stool by Joan Eardley, Paisley Museum

25 September   Janka Malkowska, Glasgow Print Studios; Barbican London

27 September   (picture of the week) The Signal by John Phillip, Stirling Smith Gallery 

27 September   (Weekender Art Guide) Raeburn, RSA Edinburgh, Eve Arnold Scottish National Portrait Gallery, The Vigorous Imagination Ten Years On, The Scottish Gallery Edinburgh; Open Eye, Ed.  

29 September   (for Interiors Magazine) Joan Sommerville    

2 October                Stuart Frost, Galloway Forrest Park, George Wyllie, Gracefield Dumfries

4 October         Weekender Art Guide) Still Life, Strathearn Gallery Crieff, Alison Watt, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinbrugh, Colin Thoms, Edinburgh Printmakers,  Teiji Furuhashi, Tramway Glasgow 

4 October         picture of the week) Old Street by Lowry, Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery

11                    art guide 

16 Oct thurs feature;      Gary Anderson, Ewan Mundy Fine Art Glasgow, Clare Henry’s choice, Glasgow Art Club, John Halliday, Gifford Village Hall

OFF for family funeral

29 October        Book review, British Watercolours from Oppe Collection by Anne Lyles and Robin Hamlyn 

30 October        John Lavery, The Burrell Glasgow and court case

30 October        (for Interiors Magazine) 75 Kelvin Court, Alison McLellan

6 November      Tigers, The Burrell Glasgow, Peter Howson, Vicky Crowe, Hock Aun Teh, Nicola Hicks 

8 November      (for Sculpture Magazine) Prestwick Airport by Carole Grey, The Horn, Dalziel and Scullion

13 November    Scottish Festival in Maastricht, Roland Forbes, George Devlin 

16 November    Book review, Whistler and Holland by Margaret Macdonald 

20 November    Book review, Kandinsky by Tom Messer 

15 November    Janka Malkowska Obituary 

4 December      Tate Turner prize, won by Cornelia Parker, Christine Borland nominated

5 Dec             Christine Bolland, Tate 

13 December    (picture of the week) Virgin and Child by Bellini, The Burrell Glasgow

18 December    New Contemporaries, CCA Glasgow

27 December    (picture of the week) Madonna and Child by Verrocchio, Scottish National Gallery

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