3 Jan       (Picture of week) A Plain Man’s Guide: Loch Katrine by Horatio McCulloch 

7 Jan       1997 Art Oscars to Christine Borland, Mach, Raeburn, Page & Park Architects, Tony Jones, GSA; Travesty:  Burrell Collection 

10 Jan     (Picture of week) Penelope and her Suitors by J.W Waterhouse, Aberdeen Art Gallery

15 Jan     Frame of Mind, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh; Vicky Crowe, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh

18 Jan     (Book review) Scotland’s Stained Glass by Michael Donnelly 

31 Jan     Hunterian Gallery Glasgow New director Mungo Campbell, Mexican prints from the Rebas Collection.  

Jan                  (for Sculpture Magazine) Prestwick Airport, Carole Gray, The Horn: Dalziel & Scullion 

1 Feb       (for Interiors Magazine) Victoria Crowe 

4 Feb       Jennifer McRay profile, winner Hunting Art Prize, RCA 

5 Feb       Michelangelo, Queens Gallery Buckingham Palace London

12 Feb     Elizabeth Blackadder, Glasgow Print Studios; Donald Urquhart, Talbot Rice 

15 Feb     James M Patrick at 91.   Picture of week) Autumn, Kinnordy by James McIntosh Patrick 

14 Feb     (Book review) Whistler and Holland by Margaret MacDonald 

15 Feb     Lord Provost’s Prize 1998 

17 Feb     (Picture of week) Autumn, Kinnordy by James McIntosh Patrick 

17 Feb      Elizabeth Cope exhibition. 

18 Feb     Ulay Abramovic, Marina Abramovic, Tramway Glasgow

21 Feb     John Byrne profile for Weekender mag.  
26 Feb     Sir William MacTaggart, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

5 Mar       (for Sculpture Magazine) Heavy Horse by Andy Scott, Glasgow Sculpture Studios 

5 Mar       Picasso 1917-24, Palazzo Grassi, Venice 

7 Mar       (Obituary) Flora Wood 

13 Mar     Glasgow shows, Jo Ganter, Glasgow Print Studios, Michael Agnew, Scottie Wilson, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow, David Martin, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow  

14 Mar     (Obituary) Alberto Morrocco 

15 Mar     Virginia Lofts, Virginia House Glasgow, Stefan King Architecture 

16 Mar     (Book review) Aubrey Beardsley by Matthew Sturgis  

17 Mar     (for catalogue) Barbara Rae, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh 

19 Mar     Anthony Caro, National Gallery London & Annely Juda Gallery London

20 Mar     Hermione Hammond, & Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Chelsea London Studio.  

4 Apr        Chris Smith MP Minister of Culture profile

April-May Clare in LA, New Zealand & Australia. 

6 May       Getty Centre, Los Angeles  

14 May     Mary Armour profile; Christine McArthur, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow.  

21 May     Glasgow round up, Anna Maria Pacheco, Compass Gallery Glasgow; Transmission; Host, Tramway Glasgow, Janey Buchan, Caledonian University Glasgow,  Gerard Morris, Artbank;  Paisley

28 May     (Obituary) Emilio Coia or  ? 29  june 

1 Jun       (for Sculpture Magazine) Louise Bourgeois by Marie-Laure Bernadac

4 Jun       Ian Hamilton Finlay, Serpentine London 

7 Jun       (for Art Quarterly) Te Papa Museum, New Zealand 

7 Jun       (Book review) Moving Targets, British Art Now by Louisa Buck 

11 Jun     Take Five, Auld Kirk Museum Kirkintilloch 

10 Jun     (for Museums Magazine) Getty Centre, Los Angeles

17 Jun     Callum Innes winner NAT West Prize 

17 Jun     Bernard Moninot, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

18 Jun     Edinburgh College of Art degree show 

18 Jun     When Worlds Collide, CCA, Tanya Leighton 

21 Jun     Gilbert Silver, Burrell Collection Glasgow 

22 june     proof for piece for Lys Hansen book

2 Jul                 Glasgow School of Art degree show 

6 Jul         (Book review) Surrealism by Fiona Bradley 

9 Jul         new Te Papa Museum, New Zealand; British Museum  

14 Jul       (Book review) Chagall by David Marchesseau and Chagall by Susan Compton 

July                  Virginia Izzo 

23 Jul       The Winter Queen, Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh 

24 Jul       Donald Dewar, Derry Irvine, Dover House Art, London; House of Lords.  

30 Jul       Tim Stead, Wood;  Ancrum, Members Show; Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Maurice Lindsay at 80. 

Aug                  (for Galleries Magazine) New Galleries in Inverness and Wick

2 Aug       James Watt & the Clyde;  profile at House for Art Lover 

6 Aug       Edinbro FESTIVAL Sir William Gillies, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh 

10 Aug     (for Interiors Magazine) Dawson Murray 

13 Aug     Mona Hatoum, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 

20 Aug     Four new galleries in Edinburgh, MIRACLES Gallery Edinburgh, Rose Frain, Eye Two Gallery, Ingleby Gallery, Howard Hodgkin; Southside Gallery, David Williamson

27 Aug     Edinburgh College of Art, Jake Kempsell; Proto Academy; Charles Esche; 

3 Sep       Jock McFadyen, Talbot Rice Edinburgh, Lapland Collection, Richard Demarco, Carl Andre, Inverleith House Edinbro.  

10 Sep     Bruges and the Renaissance, Bruges

12 Sep     Obituary John Cunningham 

14 Sep     Book review, Basquiat by Phoebe Hoben 

17 Sep     Jack Knox, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Norman Mathison, Glasgow Print Studios, John Taylor, Transmission Gallery Glasgow  

4 Oct        (Book review) On Reflection by Jonathan Miller 

8 Oct        Bessie MacNicol, Ewan Mundy Fine Art Glasgow, Macmillan cancer show, Scotland Street School; Summer School, Castle Toward  

15 Oct      Anda Paterson, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Chuck Mitchell, Glasgow School of Art

17 Oct      (Picture of week) Penelope and her Suitors by J.W Waterhouse, Aberdeen Art Gallery

22 Oct      Wonderwall, GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow; Slipstream, CCA Glasgow

29 Oct      Chris Ofili, Turner Prize

29 Oct      Book review, E Frink by Stephen Gardener 

31 Oct      (Picture of week) Kingfisher by Adrian Wiszniewski, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 

1 Nov       New Institute of Art History for Glasgow University

6 Nov       (for interiors magazine) Alasdair Wallace 

7 Nov       (Picture of the week) Sunset Gate by Steven Campbell, Smith Stirling 

Nov                  (for Interiors magazine) Cherylene Dyer

9 Nov       Scottish Society of Artists Annual, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh 

14 Nov     Dave Mach, Big Heids at Motherwell, on the M8 

14 Nov     (Pictures of the week) Hudson Fountain by Iona Montgomery, Auld Kirk Museum Kirkintilloch 

16 Nov     Avril Paton, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow 

16 Nov     Mono, Glasgow Print Studios 

16 Nov?   (Book review) The Peacock Room by Linda Merrill 

16 Nov     Salvador DALI, the Tate, Liverpool. 

17 Nov     Angus Hood, Christine Frew, Inverleith House Edinburgh

18 Nov     Lys Hansen, Smith Stirling Gallery

20 Nov     (Book review) The Artist in his World by Ian McCulloch, Alasdair Gray

20 Nov     John Maxwell, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 

21 Nov     (Picture of the week) Chateau at Medan by Cezanne, Burrell Collection Glasgow

26 Nov     John Halliday, Castle Douglas Art Gallery 

26 Nov     Museum of Scotland opening by HRH Queen Elizabeth, Andy Goldsworthy, Barbara Rae, Kate Whiteford

28 Nov     (Picture of the week) Indian Rug by Anne Redpath, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

28 Nov     Scottish artists and artist craftsmen, RSA Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

28 Nov     Michele David, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

Nov                  (for Interiors Magazine) Alison Bradley, Galloway. 

Dec          Best books of the Year.  

5 Dec       (Picture of the week) Two Strings to Her Bow by John Pettie, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

12 Dec     (Picture of the week) Two Schoolgirls by James Cowie, Aberdeen Art Gallery 

14 Dec     Patrick Hughes profile, Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow 

19 Dec     (Picture of the week) Virgin & Fountain by Van Orly, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow

21 Dec     Women from Beith to Fitzrovia & Paris,  Abigail McLellan, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh & Hossack London; Fred Crayk in Paris, Jila Peacock, Denise Findlay, Rose Frain, Norah N Gray, Cistercian Abbey, north France  .

26 Dec     (Picture of the week) Madonna and Child by Procaccini, Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh                                                                                                                                                      

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